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    If pain makes you think of God more, then it is a blessing. Kunti Devi used to ask Krishna for more pain and suffering, so she may think of Krishna always.

    God wants you to win what? please tell me.

    What would you like to win. Who are you racing with?

    If you are talking about winning Krishna, it is yes.

    Maya Devi, who is also Krishna's energy says NO, UNLESS, you truley desire Krishna in your heart.

    Because you are in Her world, she wants you to be Her devotee.

    But if you are thinking about willing material gains to satisfy one's ego and senses, then, that we to are like that horse who doesnt know why its running.

    Otherwise, a devotee cannot be compared to the horse. A horse doesn't know why its running the race.

    Devotee knows. Based on the devotees who have achieved Krishna, by following a path set by Acharyas, KNOW, that they too can reach the goal of Krishna Loka by following them.

    Thousands have witnessed when Tukaram was taken, with his physical body, flying back to Vaikunta on Garuda sent for Him (right in this Kali yuga).

    Same with Meera, She ascended to Goloka with her human body.



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    HareKrishna, Avijit Prabhu


    Good analogy…

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