Kc activities for kids

Hare krishna 

How can I make my kids pure devotees .
Is there any website that is having kc activities for kids also kc videos.
My kids are only 3 years old.So what are the activities that I can start now for them

Ys Krishnapriya

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  • Hare krishna

    Thank you prabhu
    ys krishanpriya
  • Hare krishna

    Thankyou prabhu for guiding me and giving the link of gaurgadhadhar das website

    ys klrishanpriya
    • Hari bol
      I m alwz there in ur service.
      Also want to tell u that its mataji not prabhuji

      This is Miss Benu Aggarwal
  • Hare Krishna
    Thanking prabhuji for guiding me in this
    Ys Krishnapriya
  • Hare Krishna
    I am also interested in giving KC education to kids from the very beginning.
    There is a prabhuji on IDT who runs his own club for kids and giving them education of KC.
    You can find a lot material on his profile page for every age of kids. This is the link of his profile page....

    May Lord Krishna Bless ur child with great devotion...
  • mataji it is very nice to see one child grow in theparent footstep the path to backto god head, just see they have kc atmosphere inyour house. visit the centre for your weekly program the satsang shall play a nice role in activitating in kc, weknow of achild twins who at the age of 6 years can recite all the arati songs and and another special say kare krishna the first word spoken just because of association of their parents with weekly program
  • Hare krishna,
    go to iskcon desire tree ,
    link: http://www.iskcondesiretree.info/rightframe/kids.htm all nector read understand follow teach.
    as child grows send him to gurukul, try to send child to brahmachari ashram along with father let him associate with celibates.serve sincere devotees ask them to bless ur child.u can purchase K.C. VIDEOS from gift shop of temple.
    mine favorate : little krishna series.
    don't beat them or force them e.g. if u don't chant u'll not get favorate food or gift
    progress is gradual , make sure all his friends are devotees.feed prasad only.
    ask for samskaars from senior devotees there are many when child grows.
    i know this much, lets wait for more suggestion.
    thank u very much for asking this q'n.
    u can read krishnas childhood pasttimes there we can learn how mother yashoda takes care of krishna.
    also there are some special prayers for protection of child in killing of putana chapter in 10 th canto.
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