Karthik month!

Hare krishna to all devotees

Damodar month is on the 9th of oct if i am not wrong and this will be my first damodar month because I came in contact with ISKCON few months ago. I wanted to ask on what do devotees do during this month. From my research i have found that waking up around 4 in morning and offering diya to krishna, chanting and performing austerities. What kind of austerities are we suppose to perform? I am willing to go through all hardships to remove my sin and take myself out of this illusion. Please tell on what you guys do during karthik month. 

Thank You

Hari bol

Most fallen,


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  • Hare Krsna Mataji, Dandvatt pranam

    Karthik month is the holiest month of the Year. Lord Krishna says amongst all the months Karthik is most dear to me. Lord Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes by Mother Yashoda is celebrated and worshipped in this month and many other pastimes like Govardhan lila, Radha kund lila were performed by Lord.  So, It's the best month to increase our love and devotion for the Lord Krishna and to go back to Godhead to the Krishna's abode. These are the few things which one can do to please Krsna.

    • Chant to the lord from heart 
    • Constantly hear about the glories of the Krishna
    • Read Srimad Baghavatam, Baghavat Gita
    • Worship the Lord by offering ghee lamps (diyas), flowers, incense, food, etc.
    • Practice brahmacharya – celibacy.
    • Worship of Tulasi Devi.
    • One should worship Lord Damodara and daily recite the prayer known as Damodaraishtaka, which has been spoken by the sage satyavrata and which attracts Lord Damodara. 

    Hare krishna 

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