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Hare Krishna,Humble obeseinces to all devotees,I am really confused about the nature of karma.Following are some of my questions.1)If India is the land of the gods then why is the majority of the population is in poverty,and why the nation has become so corrupt.2)If suppose i do some good in this birth then wil i be born in western countries to enjoy the fruits of materialism,without KC.or am i so special to be born in india in this birth? if yes then why?Please pardon my ignorance,i still could not think from the view of karma,akarma and vikarma if ia m right.

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji,Thank u very much for your reply.
  • Question 1:
    If India is the land of the gods then why is the majority of the population is in poverty, and why the nation has become so corrupt.

    Firstly we have to know our position in respect of God/Krishna, we must become aware that we are His eternal servants and he our master. That however doesn’t mean that we are his slaves like here on the earthly planet.. All He wants is our Love and devotion, In Goloka he doesn’t' even consider his position in respect to his devotees. Sometimes He is their servant and at times He’s their master.

    The law of karma dictates that when you do a good deed you are justly rewarded for it. Therefore if you were a good devotee of Krishna but for some reason you were still not qualified to reach Goloka the realm of Krishna from which there is no return... you would be awarded a birth in some wealthy family so that you would be able to use the resources for Krishna Consciousness in an attempt to gain entry to Goloka. It still depend on your progress in Krishna Consciousness to either be rewarded a higher planetary birth or descent into hellish planets etc.

    India is a land of Gods because so many incarnations of Krishna have appeared here and given us so many Vedas/Scriptures. We have to understand that the material world is artificial in the sense that nothing is eternal. You are born today and dead and gone tomorrow. This is a place awarded to those of us who hankered to experience for ourselves to be God. For that reason we are here suffering because we realize that we have no power of our own to be as mighty as Krishna. Without Him we are never at peace. Once that realization takes place.. you are ready to accept Krishna as the one and Only God worship able by all.

    There are 4 yugas namely

    Kritha Yuga 17,28,000 years
    Tretha Yuga 12,96,000 years
    Dwapara Yuga 8,64,000 years
    Kali Yuga 4,32,000 years

    and the current one that we are in is Kaliyuga. In this present age of Kaliyuga there will be many injustice, we are only in about 5100 years of Kaliyuga. In Kaliyuga there will be many injustices so comparing the present corruption is like comparing an anthill to Mount Everest.

    The mission of Srila Prabhupada is to get as many souls back to Godhead as possible.

    Question 2:
    If suppose i do some good in this birth then wil i be born in western countries to enjoy the fruits of materialism, without KC.or am I so special to be born in india in this birth? if yes then why?

    You will be justly awarded for your action in the present. The laws of Karma is very intricate and not fully known by us except that when you are good you get good karma and vice versa. We have to aim for akarma and to do achieve this is by doing everything for the enjoyment of the Lord and expect nothing in return. If you wanted something in return for your service to Krishna, then yes you will have some sort of earthly material benefit but that is like a moth to a flame burned by desire.

    You are special to have been born in India because you somehow came to know of Krishna and just by hearing His name you have gained a lot. You are in a country that Krishna walked and more then that you are surrounded by the soil the great vaishnavas tread. If only you come to realize this great position you are in..

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    Hare Krishna Ravi Kamani Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     India is a place where all those 8400 000 species of living beings exist. Some people like a Demigod, but some are not so. In other countries living entities are like portions of what is in India. In India everything is in maximum. (heard it from the lecture of HH Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami Maharaja).

    As we know before Lord Chaitania appeared it was not possible for Vaishnavas to survive in even Navadvipa Dham. People degraded so much that only few Vaishnavas left and They used to cry and call Lord Chaitania to appear Himself, otherwise none can elevate these people.

     In Astrological point of view India is mostly for those people who want to do austerity, penance, gain spiritual knowledge. Some Astrologers say that India is under control of 3 planets:

    Jupiter which inclines for Spiritual knowledge

    Venus which inclines for the beautiful traditions and culture

    and Ketu which indicates that here will be lots of poverty. (material poverty)

    In India to practice Spiritual duties is much more easier then in other countries. As Srila Prabhupada says that here whether is not so cold that even in winters some may take bath in the Rivers...and of course there is no much sparkling objects for senses.

    But even thou nowadays we find that Kali Yuga fully entered here also. Now here also people started to kill cows which is the prediction of wars, whether changes, abortions, divorces...

    In this way India is for practicing austerities rather than being engaged in sense gratification.


     Nowadays western people fed up of material wealth, enjoyments, luxuries, girls, illicit sex, drugs...and by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada tasted the sweetness of the Holy Names. and decided never ever to return to their materialistic way of lives. And now they recommend to the people in India also that:

    please, we saw and suffered so much, please, stop following us! on the place of it realize that You got good birth in an auspicious land. Do not loose this chance. Give up Your pride of cast system, and becoming Krishna Consciousness save others! Take care of Westerners, as like a father, giving them the Holy Names!


    the real Kali Yuga yet not took an advance. For 10 000 years there will be Satya Yuga. But after that Kali Yuga will show her real face ;-(

    there won't be enough rain;

    people will live shorter and shorter;

    lack of grains;

    women will eat too much;

    they will give birth to their children in order to eat them;

    cows will be as small as like dogs;

    they won't give milk;

    none will practice religion, lots of religious people will be killed;


    if You have desire to live in such like a situation then it is You free will. But for what? we are given chance to go to Vaikuntha in this life. For example when we offer a pig to eat laddu he won't accept but he will enjoy with dirt. when we give him a nice clean sofa, he again won't accept, he will prefer to sleep in a dirt.

    This material world is like of that dirt. or like of a stool of a pig.

    please, forgive me if i somehow hurt Your feelings!

    Your fallen servant,




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