Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga

Question 1: I am practicing Karma Yoga(performing my duties of a businessman and a father without attachment to fruits) and Bhakti yoga through chating of 16 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra. Can I expect freedom from cycle of birth and death (Moksha)?  

Question 2: I read in a certain scripture that donating 100 Bhagvad Gita books leads to MOKSHA. Can someone please throw some light on this?



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  • Hare Krishna,

    We have to follow the instructions of Guru and Gaurango to get back our original state(Love of Godhead)  because our main problem is that we donot want to obey instructions if there is nothing for us in obeying it. So we are trapped in lust instead of relishing love. So all austerities if performed only to please Krishna via following orders of Guru and Gaurange can give back our real consciousness, otherwise they will carry some pious credits towards our final goal i.e.  Love of Godhead.

    - Your Servant

  • Gita Daan - Maha Daan | Assured Best Fortune for Everyone | Gita Jayanti  Dec-2020 - YouTube


    • Thankyou Gayatriji. This is what I was looking for.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    You get whatever you seek from Lord. If you are seeking Moksha only then moksha is granted to you. If you seek bhakti and prema of Sri Krishna you will get that also.

    Moksha is cheapest thing to ask Lord Sri Krishna. Moksha or mukti no Krishna bhakt asks Lord. We ask for Krishna love. or always want be serving Lord in his eternal abode. 

    moksha is like spiritual suicide. you keep taking births even after getting moksha. Moksha is like primary step to attain. After getting moksha freedom from cycles of birth and death the soul craves and longs to be serving Lord wants to be near to Lord so for that sake it keeps taking birth again.. This time not for your personal desire. This time the soul seeks spiritual desire and takes birth again.

    So be careful about what you seek. 

    and donating BG books one can attain moksha? I don't know firstly one must donate books without this intention of personal motivation.

    One should donate without personal gain. When one donates BG books all one wants is to make all humanity become KC and one must feel the urge to make all humanity devoted to Krishna because in this way you want selflessly to save all humanity from going into bad ways. The intention matters.

    Bhakti should be selfless!!! If you have some personal gains like I want moksha so I will do prayer or donate books.. then Lord may give you moksha but not love for Godhead.  

    Even Brahma ji and Shiv ji can give you moksha its not a great thing. Moksha kaamna or desire for moksha also is not there in a bhakta!!!!

    Hare Krishna.

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