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    A soul takes birth in a particular family due to similar karma. However exceptions are there to this rule as in the case of Prahlada Maharaja and on the other hand king Vena.
    Because normally it is similar karma there seems to be interaction between the qualities inherited but this is not true as Dean Prabhu correctly pointed out from the case of the Avanti Brahmana.
    The intricacies of karma are hard to understand as admitted by the Lord Himself so it is not possible for anyone except the Lord to understand the subject matter perfectly.
    Dean Prabhu knowing the truth doesn't mean you use it as a blunt weapon!
    • thank you for ur reply doubts have been cleared.

  • How teachers and preachers who wander in endless darkness of illusion can teach someone the Absolute Truth. 

    Less intelligent people will follow what ever is said by such teachers, falling even deeper in illusion  then before.

    Anyway, honest and humble vaishnavas deserve to hear the Truth, but those who prevent that are better not to be born :

    SB 11.23.42The brāhmaṇa said: These people are not the cause of my happiness and distress. Neither are the demigods, my own body, the planets, my past work, or time. Rather, it is the mind alone that causes happiness and distress and perpetuates the rotation of material life.


    One can not blame anyone or anything, but his own uncontrolled mind.

    That's the Truth.

    • So our uncontrolled mind appears to be like unlashed donkey and one must sit stable on its back and control it. If a person consists of mind, body and soul,  and the soul is the most important part of the personality, so the mind and the body appears to be some kind of obstacles for the spiritual development of the soul. I am not trying to argue, but to share some thoughts on very important them [issue].

      • If one do not learn to control such donkey, he  will bring the soul to the place where is only suffering.

        Rider needs to carefully observes his  movements, first lets the donkey have his way for a moment and then, pulling the reins, gradually places the donkey  on the desired path.

        Armed with transcendental knowledge, having become hopeless and disgusted  with material life, one should have a faith in Lord and exclusively surrender only to Him.

        One should adore Lord with the humble state of mind and constantly remember Him. In this way , the heart will become soft and clean, which is predisposition for melting. When heart starts to melt, transcendental love of the soul starting to wake.

        As the married woman who fell in love with another man, cant stop thinking on her lover no matter what she do. Similar to that, devotees with waken deep love for Lord cant stop thinking on Him, no matter of their body forms, education, social status, body activities,.etc.

        In this way, donkey brings the rider  back Home. :)

        • Thank you, for the helpful reply.

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    Yes. The fact that the soul is the child of those parents is also some karma set off. Therefore, the bad karma of parents affect  children and vice versa.

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