Hari Bol!

I would like guidance on cycle of Karma. I know that one who does good, gets good back and one who does bad, gets bad back multiplied.

I met a person other day in a Geeta Class. He is rich and seemed all happy but when I talked to him, I found his problems in life is bad. His wife is terrbily sick and kids do not follow basic rules. What is the karma of the person that he faced such thing? What is karma of his wife and kids that they are doing what they are doing? Another person is in India. He is a wise learned person, very helpful and very kind. I have never seen him angry, in fact he forgives everyone, a true saint. What kind of karma makes a sadhu?

So my question is that - is there any guidance available on various karmas - that will tell which will effect how in our lives to come? Also is it that people get result in same or next life only? Or is it that it carries many lives? What decides?

Please guide.

Your servant,


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