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  • Where we can get the statement from Srila Prabhupada Purports or letter where SP said something like- " Kali can only enter if there is a fight among devotees otherwise kali cannot harm us".

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Try searching at :

Ok prabhu Thankyou, i am searching.

Ji jiy young Brahmen ahchareah

why the fee-field question' any way,

When the most attractive sound is Ha'ray

Haray Krishna Haray Rama this is, in essence

atomic energies, (indeed")- irresistible Atomic-Spiritual-energies.

Hence the/your question is, or should be, 

how is it that we can wheeled such 

an invincible Atomic might & also avoid-

causing all manner(s) of God's good creations

from taking flight?

Or we being the cause of the destruction

of this material creation?

don't you, isn't it?

PLZ become fearless my brother.

These names are invincible and all productive and creative

if pronounced properly Hare Hari, or Haray.

and you will perceive directly what I mean!

there is no (D)sound when pronouncing Hare.

This defensiveness is not

necessary! Plz Chant Properly & your world will become



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