K.C books for a cancer patient

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All glories to srila prabhupad

 Kindly suggest krishna conscious books for a person suffering from cancer , who according to the doctors has only few months to live.He is not a devotee but his parents were  strong devotees of lord vitthal.So he has a religious back ground.He has had some bad association in the past.

 I know Bhagwad gita is the first book he should read, but are there any specific books suitable to his present condition which will inspire him to take up krishna consciousness urgently. He has lost his voice so I can only recommend him mental chanting.we will give lectures to hear as well but just  few months left and he should make use of every second.If any devotee has gone through this, kindly guide me, not just regarding the books but in general. I want to know how to encourage a person in this situation to take up krishna consciousness in full vigor.

 Looking forward to your response..

 thanku very much.

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  • that would be realy good.thanku very much prabhuji for ur reply

  • thanku very much for ur reply

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