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Jogeshwar Adhikari Das Beheaded

Head priest of Sri Sant Gaudiya Math Srimat Jogeshwar Roy  (Yajneshwar Roy) was hacked to death in his Math (monastery) on Sunday morning and two of his disciples were injured, one with gunshot. Fanatic Islamists were attacked the Math in a planned way as divulged.

February 21, 2016, at Panchagarh, Bangladesh.


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  • Greetings to All,

    My condolences to the family of Jogeshwar Adhikari Das aka Yajneshwar Roy. No matter how he was killed hope J Roy rests in peace. In Catholicism, a devotee of Christ if killed by enemies of the said religion, the slain devotee is deemed a martyr. If he is cannonized, his horrible death makes him a saint. There should be witnesses to testify of a miracle after praying petitions to the martyr. It is Vatican who decides if one who has been martyred is elevated to sainthood. Jogeshwar Adhilkari Das who was beheaded won't die in vain. He is guaranteed a slot to pursue his dreams in the Kingdom of God. He will be back soon in the form of an avatar to avenge his untimely death.

    Yours truly,

    Dr Melvin
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna,
    My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

    Hari bol everyone.

    Its sad to hear about what happened at Bangladesh iskcon temple. Its hard to understand/comprehend why someone does such abominable acts. Such acts will surely not go unpunished.

    Jogeshwar Das prabhu spread krsna conscious and left his body preaching. I am pretty sure he would take it as work of krsna due to his elevated status. His soul would be with krsna in the spiritual world. This is all I can comment on Jogeshwar Das prabhu.

    now coming to what Dean prabhu has written is not wrong either, he is quoting from the scriptures which we need to understand. its ok to feel for the loss of a person, be it close one or a stranger. Many of us feel for the innocent lives lost to acts of terrorism. We cannot be totally detached to what is happening around us. After all, the universal connection is love and love hurts. Dean prabhu is stating the words of Bhagavatam to make us understand that we are not this body. Body is killed in so many ways. its unfortunate that JD had to leave his body this way but if that was Krsna's plan what can we do. Its hard (read impossible) to comprehend Krsna's action.

    And, sinful prabhu, just carrying hate to the perpetrators, will it solve anything? Your feeling of anger is justified and its quite a normal reaction. Like you said Prabhupada never said "if someone comes to kill you, take it as krsna's mercy and do nothing to defend", he said you have to defend yourself and JD prabhu would have surely tried to defend himself too. I dont think we need to take it upon ourselves to punish the miscreants. there is a proper legal system (although imperfect/corrupt) to deal with it. Let Yamaraja do his work of allotting the proper punishments to the relevant people.

    Chant and be happy.

    Srila prabhupada ki jai..

    Hare krsna

  • yamraja is telling us not to lament on the body. he isn't telling us not to punish miscreants!
    • We are not the judge, nor agents of death sent by God, but we are agents of love who spread the glory of the Lord to everyone.

      If you wanna be punisher, servants of Sri Yama who punish sinful ones in hell always seek for the new employer.

      • your diverting topics and confusing. that's not right.  i haven't spoken anything wrong read again and btw you will be able to spread the glory of love only if you are alive....LOL. MOREover we have every right to protect ourselves. this is told even by Prabhupada

        • Karma is strong material low which you cant cross without trancendental knowledge or pure love for God, therefore for those who are without faith there is no hope, despite all their effort.

          Bg 2.19Neither he who thinks the living entity the slayer nor he who thinks it slain is in knowledge, for the self slays not nor is slain.
          People dont know the absolute truth, nor they have transcendental knowledge, thats why they dont know whats right and whats wrong, therefore they need to start listening instead of talking to much.
          • ur too much confused. I wonder if u have read my comments first of all. simply copy pasting slokas after slokas is not wise at all.  one needs to comprehend too. in case of difficulty consult a guru. what do you mean to say? when a rogue attacks simply stand there and recollect bg sloka ready to be slayed?? is that what u want to say???

  • ah Islamic state they are well known for this. they kill their own comy people more than any one else. they are mental case. in the past demons like kamsa, hiranyakashipu also killed several exhalted devotees. yeh sub to chalta he rahega.

    what should we do? simply tolerate and pray for every one well being OR obtain a benediction from any demigod and finish off the maleccha what else?


    • SB 7.2.36While the queens were lamenting for the dead body of the King, their loud cries were heard even from the abode of Yamarāja. Assuming the body of a boy, Yamarāja personally approached the relatives of the dead body and advised them as follows.
      SB 7.2.37Śrī Yamarāja said: Alas, how amazing it is! These persons, who are older than me, have full experience that hundreds and thousands of living entities have taken birth and died. Thus they should understand that they also are apt to die, yet still they are bewildered. The conditioned soul comes from an unknown place and returns after death to that same unknown place. There is no exception to this rule, which is conducted by material nature. Knowing this, why do they uselessly lament?
      SB 7.2.38It is wonderful that these elderly women do not have a higher sense of life than we do. Indeed, we are most fortunate, for although we are children and have been left to struggle in material life, unprotected by father and mother, and although we are very weak, we have not been vanquished or eaten by ferocious animals. Thus we have a firm belief that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has given us protection even in the womb of the mother, will protect us everywhere.
      SB 7.2.39The boy addressed the women: O weak women! Only by the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never diminished, is the entire world created, maintained and again annihilated. This is the verdict of the Vedic knowledge. This material creation, consisting of the moving and nonmoving, is exactly like His plaything. Being the Supreme Lord, He is completely competent to destroy and protect.
      SB 7.2.40Sometimes one loses his money on a public street, where everyone can see it, and yet his money is protected by destiny and not seen by others. Thus the man who lost it gets it back. On the other hand, if the Lord does not give protection, even money maintained very securely at home is lost. If the Supreme Lord gives one protection, even though one has no protector and is in the jungle, one remains alive, whereas a person well protected at home by relatives and others sometimes dies, no one being able to protect him.
      SB 7.2.41Every conditioned soul receives a different type of body according to his work, and when the engagement is finished the body is finished. Although the spirit soul is situated in subtle and gross material bodies in different forms of life, he is not bound by them, for he is always understood to be completely different from the manifested body.
      SB 7.2.42Just as a householder, although different from the identity of his house, thinks his house to be identical with him, so the conditioned soul, due to ignorance, accepts the body to be himself, although the body is actually different from the soul. This body is obtained through a combination of portions of earth, water and fire, and when the earth, water and fire are transformed in the course of time, the body is vanquished. The soul has nothing to do with this creation and dissolution of the body.
      SB 7.2.43As fire, although situated in wood, is perceived to be different from the wood, as air, although situated within the mouth and nostrils, is perceived to be separate, and as the sky, although all-pervading, never mixes with anything, so the living entity, although now encaged within the material body, of which it is the source, is separate from it.
      SB 7.2.44Yamarāja continued: O lamenters, you are all fools! The person named Suyajña, for whom you lament, is still lying before you and has not gone anywhere. Then what is the cause for your lamentation? Previously he heard you and replied to you, but now, not finding him, you are lamenting. This is contradictory behavior, for you have never actually seen the person within the body who heard you and replied. There is no need for your lamentation, for the body you have always seen is lying here.
      SB 7.2.45In the body the most important substance is the life air, but that also is neither the listener nor the speaker. Beyond even the life air, the soul also can do nothing, for the Supersoul is actually the director, in cooperation with the individual soul. The Supersoul conducting the activities of the body is different from the body and living force.
      SB 7.2.46The five material elements, the ten senses and the mind all combine to form the various parts of the gross and subtle bodies. The living entity comes in contact with his material bodies, whether high or low, and later gives them up by his personal prowess. This strength can be perceived in a living entity’s personal power to possess different types of bodies.
      SB 7.2.47As long as the spirit soul is covered by the subtle body, consisting of the mind, intelligence and false ego, he is bound to the results of his fruitive activities. Because of this covering, the spirit soul is connected with the material energy and must accordingly suffer material conditions and reversals, continually, life after life.
      SB 7.2.48It is fruitless to see and talk of the material modes of nature and their resultant so-called happiness and distress as if they were factual. When the mind wanders during the day and a man begins to think himself extremely important, or when he dreams at night and sees a beautiful woman enjoying with him, these are merely false dreams. Similarly, the happiness and distress caused by the material senses should be understood to be meaningless.
      SB 7.2.49 Those who have full knowledge of self-realization, who know very well that the spirit soul is eternal whereas the body is perishable, are not overwhelmed by lamentation. But persons who lack knowledge of self-realization certainly lament. Therefore it is difficult to educate a person in illusion.
      SB 7.2.50There was once a hunter who lured birds with food and captured them after spreading a net. He lived as if appointed by death personified as the killer of the birds.
      SB 7.2.51While wandering in the forest, the hunter saw a pair of kuliṅga birds. Of the two, the female was captivated by the hunter’s lure.
      SB 7.2.52O queens of Suyajña, the male kuliṅga bird, seeing his wife put into the greatest danger in the grip of Providence, became very unhappy. Because of affection, the poor bird, being unable to release her, began to lament for his wife.
      SB 7.2.53Alas, how merciless is Providence! My wife, unable to be helped by anyone, is in such an awkward position and lamenting for me. What will Providence gain by taking away this poor bird? What will be the profit?
      SB 7.2.54If unkind Providence takes away my wife, who is half my body, why should He not take me also? What is the use of my living with half of my body, bereaved by loss of my wife? What shall I gain in this way?
      SB 7.2.55The unfortunate baby birds, bereft of their mother, are waiting in the nest for her to feed them. They are still very small and have not yet grown their wings. How shall I be able to maintain them?
      SB 7.2.56Because of the loss of his wife, the kuliṅga bird lamented with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, following the dictations of mature time, the hunter, who was very carefully hidden in the distance, released his arrow, which pierced the body of the kuliṅga bird and killed him.
      SB 7.2.57Thus Yamarāja, in the guise of a small boy, told all the queens: You are all so foolish that you lament but do not see your own death. Afflicted by a poor fund of knowledge, you do not know that even if you lament for your dead husband for hundreds of years, you will never get him back alive, and in the meantime your lives will be finished.
      SB 7.2.58Hiraṇyakaśipu said: While Yamarāja, in the form of a small boy, was instructing all the relatives surrounding the dead body of Suyajña, everyone was struck with wonder by his philosophical words. They could understand that everything material is temporary, not continuing to exist.
      SB 7.2.59After instructing all the foolish relatives of Suyajña, Yamarāja, in the form of a boy, disappeared from their vision. Then the relatives of King Suyajña performed the ritualistic funeral ceremonies.
      SB 7.2.60Therefore none of you should be aggrieved for the loss of the body — whether your own or those of others. Only in ignorance does one make bodily distinctions, thinking “Who am I? Who are the others? What is mine? What is for others?”

  • My question why Krishna didn't protect a surrendered soul like him?

This reply was deleted.