JOB with Shadana

 Hare Krishna, PAMHO :-

I just transfer to Indore here i found very difficult in bhakti . My office timing is 9am to 9pm  i am in accounts department. Doctor advice for 30 min of exercise for my solder and back problem . i have to sleep for at lest 7 hour . How to balance Job with shadana . I have one 2 year old Girl

Please advice . i was in begaum now i find my self very difficult


Sundar Nam da     

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna PRabhuji,


    What you have mentioned is the struggle of every single grihasta devotee - this struggle is pleasing to Krsna.

    If you leave office at 9.00 pm, do you complete your job for the day? I am sure the answer is no. Even at 9.00 pm the job is not completed, then why work till 9.00 pm? No office timings can be officially for 12 hours I am sure. So try to leave one hour earlier, chant to and from work - on the way, and balance chant at home - 2 yr old kid or not. When you took the vow to chant, it was regardless of anything.

    In your busy schedule, do you get time to eat and sleep? I am sure yes. That is because there is always time for anyting that is important. Rest we keep blaming time. Exercise also has to be done - for your own health. So in 24 hours, 12 hours is  job, say 1 hour commuting time, 7 hours sleep time - thats 20 hours. You still have 4 hours in whihc you do your daily routine (max 1 hour) and still there is 3 hours left. I am sure you can chant. Maybe no other devotional activity - I would squeeze in 2 Damodar aratis and one mangalarati also. Still there will be time to take care of child. Mother must be doing maximum na, you are playing/ helping a little.

    Please do not waste time reading newspapers, watching TV or movies, unnecessary loitering in malls. Time will be generated.


    Your servant,


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