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    Hare Krsna,


    His divine grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and his disciples have given explanations on the duties of Yamaraja and the Yamadutas, his messengers in several books, especially the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Laws of Nature. Some quotes are extracted to try to answer your question. 


    From the books "Laws of Nature":Text 20

    "Every living entity is covered by a subtle body and a gross body. The subtle body is the covering of mind, ego, intelligence, and consciousness. It is said in the scriptures that the constables of Yamaraja cover the subtle
    body of the culprit and take him to the abode of Yamaraja to be punished in a way that he is able to tolerate.

    He does not die from this punishment because if he died, then who would suffer the punishment? It is not the business of the constables of Yamaraja to put one to death. In fact, it is not possible to kill a living entity because factually he is eternal; he simply has to suffer the consequences of his activities of sense gratification.
    The process of punishment is explained in the Caitanya-caritamrta. Formerly the king's men would take a criminal in a boat in the middle of the river. They would dunk him by grasping a bunch of his hair and thrusting him completely
    under water, and when he was almost suffocated, the king's constables would take him out of the water and allow him to breathe for some time, and then they would again dunk him in the water to suffocate."


    Text 34: "Just as a prisoner who has undergone troublesome prison life is set free again, the person who has always engaged in impious and mischievous activities is put into hellish conditions, and when he has undergone different
    hellish lives, namely those of lower animals like cats, dogs, and hogs, by the gradual process of evolution he again comes back as a human being. In the Bhagavad-gita it is stated that even though a person engaged in the practice of
    the yoga system may not finish perfectly and may fall down for some reason or other, his next life as a human being is guaranteed. It is stated that such a person, who has fallen from the path of yoga practice, is given a chance in his
    next life to take birth in a very rich family or in a very pious family. It is interpreted that "rich family" refers to a big mercantile family because generally people who engage in business are very rich. One who engaged in the
    process of self-realization, or connecting with the Supreme Absolute Truth, but fell short is allowed to take birth in such a rich family, or he is allowed to take birth in the family of pious brahmanas; either way, he is guaranteed to
    appear in human society in his next life."


    So, the idea of the punishment of Yamaraj is to get the living entity to be accustomed to the sufferings on another planet, even on this earth.

    Text 29: "Sometimes unbelievers do not accept these statements of scripture regarding hell. Lord Kapila therefore confirms them by saying that these hellish conditions are also visible on this planet. It is not that they are only on the
    planet where Yamaraja lives. On the planet of Yamaraja, the sinful man is given the chance to practice living in the hellish conditions that he will have to endure in the next life, and then he is given a chance to take birth on another
    planet to continue his hellish life. For example, if a man is to be punished to remain in hell and eat stool and
    urine, then first of all he practices such habits on the planet of Yamaraja, and then he is given a particular type of body, that of a hog, so that he can eat stool and think he is enjoying life. It is stated previously that in any hellish
    condition, the conditioned soul thinks he is happy. Otherwise, it would not be possible for him to suffer hellish life."


    The punishment on yamaraja's planet, although it seems to go on for a long time, in fact lasts a few moments only.

    Text 22-24: "One yojana is eight miles, and thus he has to pass along a road that is as much as 792,000 miles long. Such a long distance is passed over within a few moments only. The subtle body is covered by the constables so that the living entity can travel such a long distance quickly and at the same time tolerate the suffering. This covering, although material, is of such fine elements that material scientists cannot discover what the coverings are made
    of. To pass 792,000 miles within a few moments seems wonderful to the modern space travelers. They have so far traveled at a speed of 18,000 miles per hour, but here we see that a criminal passes 792,000 miles within a few seconds only,although the process is not spiritual but material."


    Do not hesitate to let me know if you don't understand some of the text.

    I will attempt to clarify in spite of my limited ability to understand these complicated topics.


    Hari Bol,


  • hare krsna pr.ji dandwat pranaam

    the main root cause of punishment is wrong desire.

    this human body is not for enjoy material world . for enjoy this material world there r many bodies . but this human body is only for our spiritual advancemaent means to know krsna , self n relation bitween u n krsna.but when living entity use this body for wrong desires than for doing wronge with this body living intities get hell . n when this living entity had human form of life n his desire to enjoymore material senses thats why after compliting hell , living entity take body who is perfact for his desires .  living entity have more desire thats why he take many bodies means many births.than after due to lords mercy he get human form of life.if a person want to enjoy eating n never take precaution like dont eat meet, than he will go to hell n than must take atleast one birth in meet eaters animals for fulfill his desire. because krsna fulfill everyonce desire either person is a devotee or non devotee.but in different ways. for a devotee krsna fullfil his desire in a caring way but for nondevotee it is dengerous.

    please forgive me if i commite any offense in to the lotus feet of any devotee.hare krsna

  • hare krsna prabhu, dandavat

    first of all, whatever karma's we have done, we have to suffer in the lower planetary systems. according to Srimad Bhagvatam, there are 28 different hells!! each hellish planet has its own punishments for one reason. even if we lie, it is registered in Yamraj's register..... for more info, you can refer Srimad Bhagvatam, 5th canto, chapter 26. if you dont have one, you can go to your nearest ISKCON temple and refer. 

    secondly, you have asked about lower birth. what karma's we do, their reactions are divided on the intensity of the punishments. we have to suffer in the hellish planet and then in this world material world for the further remaining reactions. once the punishment is complete in the hellish planet, then we take a form according to what is prescribed by Yamaraj. then what karma's we do in that particular birth, we have to suffer again and then the above cycle goes on.... until we go though the remaining species to reach the human form of life. what karma's we do here, we get their reactions. in any case we are not given double punishment.(according to me, the punishment given on the earth is more painful; than anything else!) birth in the material world is just for suffering the other half our punishment. but the only difference is, we can use it properly for developing Krsna Concsiousness... if we are sincere in our deed and if our attitude is humble....


    therefore it is said that the human life is very important. when we join Krsna Consciousness, we are under krsna's hands, and the yamadoots are not even allowed to look at us. unless we are pure and advanced souls.... we are the only unique species with brains and a mind, so we should be using it for Krsna. 


    please consult a senior vaishnava for more depth in the topic... bcoz i am full of mistakes and there might be mistakes in the reply also.....

    thank you for letting me serve you...

    everone's aspiring sevant,



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