Japa mala

Hare Krishna

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada 

Dandwat Pranam

Dear Devotees 

I chant 4 Malas daily but due to studies and exams I sometimes become very busy so my question is that if I chant those malas on hand instead of mala  does it still count as japa and sometimes I chant at night and while chanting the time may cross 12am like I chant 3 malas before 12am but I could not chant the 4th Mala before 12 am so does it still counts as 4 malas for that day.

Pls enlighten me

Hare Krishna 

Dandwat Pranam


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    • Hare Krishna 

      so to chant Hare Krishna mahamantra 16 times so can I chant like some rounds on japa mala and some rounds on hand or can I chant all 16 rounds on hand. So do these cases also count as rounds or do I have to chant 16 rounds on mala only to regard them as proper rounds. Does chanting 16 rounds without mala also have the same effect as chanting with mala as many devotees say that chanting done on mala is only proper. Pls enlighten me

      Radha Radha

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        • Hare Krishna Prabhuji 

          Yes you are absolutely correct but my motive of asking was to just clarify whether I can chant on fingers for day to day chanting without necessarily using a mala

          Radha Radha 

          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


            Yes, chant on mala, on fingers, on counter, on excel.....whichever way. Just chant.....

            Do you think Krsna is petty - ohh this person took my name, but not on japa beads, on finger - I will not give mercy.... 

            Dont worry. We even say, chant even if you dont want to or no faith, simply chant. That is more important. Chant chant chant - whichever way, whichever medium, whichever motive. 

            Purification is sure to happen.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • Hare Krishna mataji

              How should I do upamsu and Manasa japa pls help me in this matter

              Radha Radha


              • E-Counselor

                What is upamsu?

                • Hare Krishna Mataji 


                  Sorry actually I meant to say how to do upanshu japa and mansika japa?

                  pls help me in this matter

                  Radha Radha  

                  • E-Counselor

                    I dont know upamsu japa - what it means. Manasi japa isto be done in the mind, by chanting mentally. Not recommended, because mind is wavering, unsteady, plays tricks on us. Better to chant out loud enough to hear oneself. If that is not possible, then we can chant mentally.

              • And is there any problem if by chance there is a pronouncitation mistake while chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra 

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