Japa in early morning!

Hare Krishna!


All glories to Guru and Gaurang!!!


i am a working person and leaves home at 8.30am in the morning for office. I complete my japa rounds in night. I know that early morning is the best time to Chant and i am trying so much to get up at 4am and do my chanting before i go to office but feel helpless.

Can anybody please give me tips how to have the habit to wake up early in the morning.


Sorry for asking a foolish question, but i have tried many times and failed, i feel guilty for not waking up early for japa.


Your Servant



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    Hare Krsna Mataji,

    Just start having a full fledged morning program...and make sure you have no compromises.

    If you wake up late any day, punish  yourself by writing 54 mahamantras...or 108 mahamantras...

    you will be afraid to wake up late after dat..

    Thank you



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    Hare Krishna Siddharta Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    There are three types of chanting posture in 3 types of modes:

    in ignorance - when person lies

    in passion - when person walks

    in goodness - when person sits with straight back

     Sitting posture is also important. Sometimes Srila Prabhupada used to tell to some particular Devotees to sit properly while chanting otherwise they will sleep. He also says that we should not close our eyes fully, otherwise we will sleep.

    better to look to the nose. it is just for not disturbing mind to other things.

    when we walk we see so many things and it will disturb our mind.

    while chanting better to concentrate mind only in 2 senses: ears and tongue - hearing and clearly pronouncing.

    when we walk we have to use other senses like legs...

    but if we really feel sleepy we can walk some time and again sit correctly and chant.


    Your servant, 

    • nice answer i liked it...its true also i have experienced it from many years 

  • Hare Krsna mataji.


    The sastras says that one should take dinner before sunset so the food is easily digested till nine or ten pm. And Prabhupada also says that 6 hours of sleep is enough for someone, no matter how much one is tired. From 10pm to 4 am, its enough.

    Moreover you can put the alarm clock a bit far from the bed so that it canmake you wake up and walkin order to switch it off.


    the Vedic scriptures says that one should wake up before 4 am.


  • C chantng means 2 associate wid god.u cn do 1 thng.jst think dat lord krsna is vy busy person nd aftr 5:30 he gets busy in serving cows.so d nly tym u cn meet him is b4 5:30.so i gues by thinkng in dis way u'l b abl 2 gt up early as v al r in a haste 2 meet krsna.
  • hare krsna
    hare krsna you have a nice desire so practice to get up early or stay in the temples where they have guest facliity
    stay on week ends in association it becomes easy dont eat karmi foods eat light meals kichdi salad veg fruits at evening drink lot of water also
    dont eat karmi achar also do little prachar whenever you get opportunity when you do achaar and prachaar it will be very effective and you will relish to-do-your sadhna in the morning human life is meant to perform tapasya so dont hesitate
    to work also you have to do so much tapasya catch train drive all the way 8 hrs stand
    perform devotional service with all enthusiasm and see the results hare krsna
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    Sleep early. It is impossible not to wake up by 4 am, if you do so.

    Good way is to sleep soon after dark and wake up few hours before light appears. 2 hrs is sufficient to finish 16 rounds with total attention.
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    Hare Krishna dear Deepa Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    i do like this:
    --put alarm to every hour like at 3, at 4, at 5... when i am really physically tired automatically i can not hear the first time but can listen the second time at 4.
    --and also i put alarm little far from the bed, in order to get up quickly and turn off the sound. in this way i also wake up.
    --when i wake up i try to say: Jai Govinda!" and immediately touch to the flour and to the head paying respect to Mother Earth. in this way mind somehow comes to the real time from ignorant position.
    ---and also it recommends to remember that we wake up at 3 because Krishna also wakes up at that time and starts His new pastimes. if we meditate to that we will become inspired.
    --- in the evening we should not eat grains like rice, wheat, but light millets, cooked vegetables, milk...

    yes, it is very difficult for Matajis to work at the same time to perform their household duties.
    --- when i associate with Devotees i easily wake up in the morning even do not like the night, time loosing. Because Devotees have big desire to chant and serve, when we associate with them we also get those desires.
    ---when i read Bhagavatam, it seems something different from chanting, but those days when i read the Holy Names seem to me very dear and i want to chant and chant. The power of Srila Prabhupada's books.
    If Your work is something like connected with sitting life style then You can carry books to Your office and read them there.
    ---Pray to Krishna before sleeping, saying that He is Paramatma in Your heart and He only can fulfill all desires. That everything is happening only by His permission. If He wants You to wake up early in the morning then He can do "un do able" things.
    Your servant,
    • Hare Krishna Mataji

               All Glories To Srila Parbhupada

                   I Really pay Thanks to Maral Mataji really i can't imagine how your replies for each problems i read some of them. Mataji once again very very thaks to u.  Mataji if u don't mind pls could you explain your dincharya why because this means inspire to new devotees and some lazy devotees already joined and hardly chant 2-3 rounds a day.


      Hare Krishna Mataji


      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

        Sachin Polawar Prabhu, thank You for inspiring words, will try my best to make Your words true by the mercy of Devotees and Krishna :-).

        what do You mean by "dincharya"? i did not got this word.

        Thank You!

        Your servant,

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