Hare KrishnaI would like to know why do we leave the index finger while chanting. I'm new to krishna consciousness please enlighten me.Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna
    Thank you Walter cloud shaktimanah Prabhuji for your reply
    Hare Krishna
  • Thumb-Eather) Index-air)middle finger-fire)digit#4-water)& pinky or digit#5-the earth element. So Eather & Fire are actually being activated (according to my studying. Index finger is also called (air) or (Pronna) /LifeFource
    Hence I ascertain it lessons the potencies of our aggression/offensive variances we as chanters might commit.
    The Alpha finger? A direct link to our lifefource should be considered as (most honourable ) & stable /consistent where as chanting tends to be ultimately transitional or 'a more changing or transcendental energies. Chang is a constant in reality, so diversity is only to real, therefore, we must be conducive to Chang' but not creators of it. This is why I suppose we are chanters yet observers & not so-much doers. Sacred Airs/Pronnas are vary active (Not the position/job of chanting! We are/become the capitalist of change but not the creator's of it. As Visjnavas we have a worthy worshipabal deity we bow-we begin by focussing our awareness on the feet of God) and gradually lift the game as time passes towards their face slowly!
    In such a service exchange we don't want to appear veary-much aggressive. Or our False ego will likely be chastised!-( We want to receive kindness so give kindness.
    Beside that getting the body's influence out of the equation is the object of all yoga, this is also true with Bhaktee serving w/out expectations means with out making or forcing Chang, making waves. Harmonious chanting is quality chanting & by chanting qualitatively we develop a better
    (Rasa) toast & experience as a result get to know GOD. As He is, This is the root of true appreciation & the aim of chanting.
    Being modest is kudos with the God Heads. (Offensliss Chanting)
    Is why!-) & what everyone should strive for! Good luck
  • Thank you so much dean Prabhuji for your answer. Now I understood
    Hare Krishna
  • In vedic tradition its usual practice to chant mantras on japa in akaash mudra.

    Aakaash mudra in chanting increases the aakaash (ether) element within the body.

    Anyway, the index finger should not touch beds during chanting by all means. Thats why japa case is needed which has hole for index finger that beginner can have  easy control over that.

    Just joining the tips of midle finger and tumb finger and thats it, it doesnt need to be perfect as on picture.

    Midle finger represents ether or akaash within body and when its join with tumb finger then that ether is increasing.

    Ether within the body is a part of the outer cosmos ether, so practice of this mudra enables the individual to reunite with the God.

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