Hare Krishna

I'm still new to this so I wondered. Tomorrow is  Krishna's birthday! I would like to donate something or bring something. What is worthy of bringing and what is accepted?

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  • You may go to the temple and offer your service, what ever they need help with in the temple.
    Sometimes they need help cutting up vegetables for the feast. Sometimes they need flower garlands made or temple cleaning or other decorations.
    Also you can bring flowers. I love to bring Krishna flowers. OR bring a bag of fruits, they always use fruits for Krishnas offerings.
    Bring Organic milk that is a very auspicious thing to bring.
    Make sure you bath before you go to temple so you are nice and clean for Krishnas service. If you have a Sari or Gopi Skirt wear that. Or you can buy one at the temple gift shop to wear. It is also service to dress nice for the Lord.
    These are just a few ideas.
    Hope this helps.
    Have a blissful Janmastami!
    Jaya Sri Krishna!
  • The Graphic Below was made in honor of Lord Krishna's Birthday tomarrow

    hare krnsa
  • This in honor of Lord Krishna's Birthday Tomarrow
    N2I5ZGUyMGJlZDY3ZjE3N2Y3.gif The Birth Of Krishna
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