Hari Bol ,

This bhajan is tribute by Jagjit Singh to chaitanya Mahaprabhu ,

please download and listen ,it is very good .

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        similarly if we have Srila Prabhupada's kirtans, many advanced devotee's kirtans then why should we listen to others..

        oh yes, it is true. In the reality sound vibrations will have big effect on our consciousness. With voice one can give one's own desires to others. So if the singer is addicted to illicit things then the listeners also will cultivate those dirty desires.

        Because of that if remember those old days mothers used to take care of their children mostly accompanied with songs. Songs soaked with their blessings to their children, and particular wishes.

        Somewhere i read there was a very chaste lady who was a wife of a great king. So she had son and she wanted him to become renunciate and accept sannyasa.So from childhood she used to write poems and sing them to her son. Poems about the futility of this material world and glory of spiritual...as a result boy became detached form this world and there was no one for ruling the kingdom.

        So by the request of her senior second son she had to educate in such a way so that he becomes a good king. So she used to write heroic poems and sing....in this way second son continued father's path.


        in this way we have to be careful of hearing something. Sound plays big role in our life.

        it is true maybe in the beginning we were attracted to Krishna by the melodious voice of a singer but if we want to progress further, (for sure we have to be grateful to those who reminded us of Krishna) we should try to be in touch with pure souls through sound or in anyway.

         Your servant, 

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          It is very hard to give up ,

          spiritual life demands giving up .

          May be what we think as happiness , may not be happiness ,

          because we are addicted to it ,we feel thing's which are against

          our desires are bad . It takes a lot purification to reach that stage .

          • Volunteer

            no no You do not give up something Prabhuji, we have just exchange it, replace it with other more higher things.

            For example, when i was not in Krishna Consciousness i was too much attached to music and karmi songs especially was so much attached to one person - a singer Tarkan. But now i avoid to hear his voice even, in order not to remember those old days - materialistic days. Still desire is there to hear but what to do i have just to turned it off and hear others on the place. So we have to be pray-full and always depend on Krishna.

            And the key of how to get strength is from the words of HH Radhanath Swami:

            "When you surrender that's where you get your strength from".

            in this way spiritual life is tears, tears and again tears but for Krishna.

            Your servant, 


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    question arose:

    should we hear professional singers?


    it is true he sings very nice, with so much intense "devotion" i also used to hear him but should we do so?

    just wanted to clear this point, please do not accept it as an offense Ashwani Kumar Prabhuji!

    Your servant, 

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    Bhaj Gaurango , Bhaj Gaurano ,
    Gaurango mero naame re ..
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    melts my heart prabhuji. thanks for posting this. it is very good :)

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