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Hare Krishna 


Dear All , 

            For a few days , i read about the destructon of jagganth vighraha by kalapahad . From the government of odissa  magazine pages on web , this is what i found out  that the original deites were burnt by kalapahad . But I later came to know that indeed he became sorry for destroying his own religion .


“But my Lord, the Srikshetra of the past is no more. I have also burnt the images.” said Kalapahad.

Premananda laughed and told, “who is so powereful to destroy the Darubrahma, the supreme being ? He is indestructible, immortal, eternal, without beginning and end. The sanctity of Srikshetra has remained unaffected as it was in the past. Darubrahma Jagannath adorns the bejewelled throne (Ratna Singhasana) of the temple with Balabhadra and Subhadra to fulfill the wishes of the devotees.” Then Premananda disclosed all the events in detail to clear his doubts.He told the incidents starting from his attack on Jagannath temple to installation of the images on the Ratna Singhasana by Ramachandra Dev. Kalapahad got astonished to hear all the matter in detail. The words of Premananda created hope in him and on that very moment he renounced the world. In the morning the next day, the Mughal soldiers without finding him in the camp, searched here and there, but in vain. Kalapahad’s wife Dulari got disheartened without seeing her husband. Later she met him after searching different places. Both of them went on pilgrimage and visited several holy places such as Haridwar, Brundavan, Dwaraka, Rameswar and at last reached at Srikshetra.


I do not hear this incident anywhere . Can anybody please tell me what was the conversation between premanada and kalapahd ? Was the destruction of jagganth temple and the vigrahas aldready predicted in some scripture ? Can somebody please guide me on this .









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  • Hare Krishna,

    This is a very interesting story and thanks again to Abhishek prabhu for making me read this story in detail and I am quite surprised why Abhishek prabhu is always interested in reading about the history esp. of the Mughal invasions on hindu temples. But this story is one of its kind. Here in this story you will see that a hindu himself becoming against his own religion. This is a stricking example to prove that good people exist in muslims also and bad people can be exisiting in hindus also.  One cannot label anyone good or bad based on the religion they belong.

    Well.. the story goes like this

    1. The fifth invasion was launched by a
    Muslim invader Kalapahara in the year 1568 AD
    during the reign of Mukundadeva Harichandan,
    the Chalukya King of Orissa.

    2 Kalaphad originally a hindu a brahmin by birth  was an army general in the military of Mukundadeva Harichandana the Chalukya king of Orrisa. His name was Rajiv Lochan Ray.

    3. Abkar and Mukundadeva colloborated and sketched a plan to wage a war against the Pathan king Sulaimaan Karrani of West Bengal.

    4. Mukundadeva sent his general to meet Sulaimaan Karrani. Sulaimaan Karrani sketched a plan to trap Rajiv Lochan Ray aka Kalapahad( black hill) by sending his beautiful daughter to make Kalapahad fall in love with her.

    5. Kalapahad was not accepted by hindus was not allowed in hindu temples. even Mukundadeva didn't allow him back into his army as Kalapahad married Sulaimaan's daughter.

    6. Kalapahad wanted to expiate ( make amends to the wrong doing ) and get back to hindusim but then he was not allowed back into hinduism. then he went back to Sulaimaan and became his army gerneral and turned totally again hindus and started to destory hindu temples mercilesly. He even damaged some portions of Kornark temples and some temples near and in Orrisa and west bengal.

    7. When he invaded the main Puri Jagannatha temple. He got hold of the main deities ( the Triad) but.. then when he tried to burn them off.. some miracle he couldn't do so.

    8.Madalapanji, the temple chronicle holds
    that Kalapahad desecrated the Jagannath temple.
    According to this tradition “when the servitors of
    the temple heard of Kalapahad’s design on the
    temple they took the images of temple and hid
    them at a place Hatipada near Chilka lake. But
    Kalapahad learnt of this and brought the images
    from that place on elephants. He carried them to
    the bank of river Ganges and set fire to them.
    Just at that time a miracle happened. His body
    got cracked in to pieces. 

    Being perplexed by this,
    he brought out the gods from the fire and dumped, them in the Ganges. Holy Ganga carried the
    Brahma (or Brahma Pinda) downstream where a
    Vaishnava devotee Bishar Mohanty extracted the
    immortal part (Brahma). Later he consecrated the
    “Brahma” at Garh Kujanga temple. The ‘Brahma’
    was worshipped there for seven years, (1568A.D
    to 1575 A.D). In 1575 A.D during the rule of
    Ramachandra Dev, the first king of the Bhoi
    dynasty, ‘Brahma’ was brought from Garh Kujang
    and kept at Khordha Garh by him. Next year in
    1576 A.D the construction of new images, their
    entry in to the temple along with the installation of
    ‘Brahma’ in them were performed.

    8. Later on when he was plundering many hindus temples in this way some day he got a realization that whatever he was doing is a sin. He repented sincerely. Then he met his diksha guru who was his old guru when was a fatherless person kalapahad was taken by this guru Premananda and given diksha. He met his guru by his luck when he told about his wrong doing.. guru consoled him and said whatever one does the day he started to realize his mistakes and starts to repent for it the day itself his sins started to burn off. and told Kalapahad to surrender to Lord completely.

    9. that time.. Kalapahad cried to Premananda that he destoryed the temple main deities itself. burned them. Premananda took pity on him and told him the  Brahama padartha is indestructible even though u may have destroyed the wooden covering.. the brahama padhartha ( nila madhava stone) is never destroyed. and gave him a hope.

    10. Brahama padartha is the heart of Lord Krishna.. when yadava race ended.. when Lord Krishna left for his abode.. His body could be cremated and his wives offered Sati but then the Heart of Lord never could be burnt. It turned hard and started solidify into a blue precious stone called nila madhavaa.. This is a whole big story.. Someone previously asked here about who is nilamadhava , I have given the entire story under the question.. you may do the required research to know who brought that Mani ( Nila Madhava stone or Bramha padhartha ) to Puri from Dwaraka and installed into the wooden deity of Lord Jagannatha in the heart region. Even today every 12 yrs. new wooden deities are prepared and every time the Brahma padhartha is place back into the main deity. 

    11. that is why Premananda laughed and said who can destroy the Daru Brahma the Supreme being. and btw he tells that when he tried to burn the deities but his body got into some paralytic condition some Vaishnava devotee took them back and handed over to King Ramchandradeva to be installed again back.

    12. Kalapahad surrended completely to Lord and he and his wife become great devotees.

    note-Madala Panji (Odia ମାଦଳା ପାଞ୍ଜି) is a chronicle of the Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha, India. It describes the historical events of Odisha related to Jagannath and the Jagannatha Temple.[1] The Madala Panji dates from the 12th century.[2

    you may want to read more.. under this the total story is there. I have just briefly told the story in my own words you may want to read more here the links.




    so many invasions have taken place from time to time on the temple and the temple deities were protected by priests and people.

    Don't label anyone bad.. see in this story you saw that Kalapahad being a hindu turned hostile against his own religion. Ya. many muslim invaders have from time to time have done damages to hindu temples. its true. but No one can destroy Lord Jaganatha, that is what Premananda ( the diksha guru of Kalapahad) told him.

    Hare Krishna.


    Odia language
    Odia (ଓଡ଼ିଆ Oṛiā ; also romanised as Oriya) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Indian state of Odisha.It is the official language in Odisha (for…

    • Thank you maa for your reply . You have very taken much of work to help me out ;) .

      By the way I get disturbed by hearing the invasions of mughals on temples. Like how can such people evewn try to destroy jagganath's abode etc etc. and then vishnu sends such people like you and other vaishnavas to clear my doubts..... Thank you so much . 


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      • Thank you for these wonderful links shared. Though I don't know Tamil language much. But could understand from the traslation provided. Very nice.

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