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I am traveling to the USA for the very first time for completing my higher education, and I am planning to carry my Jagganath deities. i have heard that i have to declare everything that I am carrying along with me. So i what can do? I really want to take them along with me because i know only they can protect me from Maya. 

Can someone please advice me i really need help? 

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Hare Krishna.,

Very cute little dieties you have prabhuji. As we have discussed earlier., You can easily carry them with you. Not a problem at all.

If you are carrying then in a protective case and put them in ur check-in baggage. There is not at problem at all.

But if u carry that case along with u in the hand. You need to declare it to security check- personnel before they do screening.

For that reason before screening, they give u a big tray ( 2-3 trays) and ask you to put all that you are carrying on your body.( example-- watches, cellphones, belt, gold chains, pens,),even your cabin baggage. during that process., It is good to put them( dieties also)  in the tray and declare it to them show it to them before u get screened to avoid problems.

But if  you are carrying in ur check-in baggage ( main big suitcases) where you pack all your needy stuff ( like clothes etc.)

then there is no need to declare as they do check it and then only transport them to the aircraft.

Hare Krishna.

Jai Jagannatha.

Dear Mataji,

Hare Krishna, please accept my humble obeisances, unto your lotus feet. 

Thank you so much, for the information. Thank you so very much again

Hare Krishna 

Well, thanks to Lord Sri Krishna  n Thanks to Guru Srila Prabhupada.

No need of thanking me. All are His part and parcel.

its just basic information which I know I shared.

Hare Krishna.

once again mataji, thank you so much 

Dandavat Pranam to you.


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