we all are so busy with the material things that we dont have time for lord. for the one who has given us this beautiful life.being krishna conscious means devote ur life or atleast few hours of ur day to LORD KRISHNA'S seva!krishna feels happy when u offer him little water,a leaf, a fruit or a flower! one must offer the offering with love otherwise krishna is so naughty that he will not accept. krishna is lord of the universe, of the three worlds nothing is impossible for him.he's not hungry of the food we offer but the love we show him.there are many types of devotees, one who approach him for health wealth etc. but the one who offers him love widout asking him anything in return is the true devotee. there is no need for a devotee to ask krishna for something, when u love lord he takes care of u ..............his devotee.

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  • Yes, that's true and we can experience this thing in our daily life.

    Jai Shree Krishna............

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