its KRISHNA's grace on me?

3 day before

            6 pm i got cold and 10 pm its turned into fever after that i feel so cold and put on 2 blankets on me (48 temp. very hot night). when i m in blanket i feel its KRISHNA's grace on me.......he arrange cold night for me in this very hot summer and i thank KRISHNA 

my question is - i know m not so pure. i do nothing except chanting

                           so these kind of thought is ACTUALLY KRISHNA's grace    or     just my thoughts to show others that HOW GREAT I M ?  

because in every good or bad situation i thank KRISHNA ? but i don't understand what is this?    

its KRISHNA's grace or anything else plz help me


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  • This illusionary material world is fully under control of the Lord.

    He created all the universe for His pleasure, but those who are in illusion indentifies themselfs with the activities of this material body. 

    What the blanket, fever, cold, hot, and all such material dualities have to do with the Lord or soul, who are just observers in this material body.

    The real Krishnas grace is, when someone fully understands that.


    • thanks prabhu ji for clear my doubt HARE KRISHNA :-)

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