Hare Krishna all,


All glories srila prabhupada!

I feel vaishnavas should have some respect towards living beings and should not judge a person just with discussions. I dont want to elaborate this and not feeling like typing any thing just want everyone to be sensitive towards others before using some harsh words and dont let ego to come  into discussions. With all respect to all vaishnavas forgive me for any offenses and my ignorance.


servant of your servant


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    Please forgive me if any of my words used in the response if harsh. Even though the intention is not to hurt the feelings of devotees but to send the right message across, I might have failed at many times. Please forgive me if i have offended in any way.

    hare krishna!!!

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    Hare Krsna Aakash P,
    Please forgive my offences if my words hurt anyone.

    Ideally,a vaishnava can correct another Vaishnava only if there is very good relationship between the two that when corrected, the first Vaishnava will not feel offended at all because He know the other is a very close and dear frnd of his.
    cuz,when correcting,we withdraw from the account of our relationship with others.We have been clearly told by senior devotees,DO NOT COMPROMISE RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE SAKE OF SERVICE. cuz at the end of the day all we have are vaishanvas.Even if 1 thinks, I am doing good to others by correcting them, we need to understand what others think of me,am I qualified enough to correct others?Pleas forgive me if my words hurt anyone.
    if you are hurt by someone's words then you should have the courage to tell it very politely to the Vaishnava to not behave like that.
    Now, in your situation,once a pot is broken, it becomes very difficult to repair it.So ur heart is broken,the way out is forget and forgive.Krsna has been doing the same for us since time immemorial,when we kept offending HIM ALL the time. So if we want to please Krsna, please forgive. I can understand ur heart becuz I have been in many such situations.
    I can understand what is the pain when the person dearest to your heart, whom you think can never behave unvaishnava like, betrays you and treats u harshly. nd I have seen many devotees creating impediments in others KC, but we must understand that it is our own Karma that is causing all these to us.We have all rights to protect our Bhakti and we must do that with faith on Krsna and understand that He alone can protect our bhakti.He wants us to try and surrender to Him completely all the time. Please remember, nothing in this world can do anything to you, you are an eternal servant of Lord being protected by Him all the time. So be fearless.
    that is why a devotee becomes fearless,He is being protected by Lord Krsna Himslf all the time,this requires a lot of faith..


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      I humbly beg forgiveness from evryone if my words hurt neone in anyway,I m not offering any correction to anyone.have no right.Just telling somethings that I have heard n experienced to help others..Please forgive me and dnt take ne offences


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Some day or other everyone will leave us: mother, father, wife, husband, son...

    Because we are not these bodies. They are also not these bodies. When body gets old it won't work properly so there will be need to change the body into a new one.

    When we get new one we will have completely different friends, parents, wife....

    and it is not sure that we will get human body or an animal or even an insect's.

    Or if we get a tree body then we have to live for thousands of years then again pass all these evolutionary stages starting from fishes up to cow's, monkeys', lions' and then unintelligent human, then a woman then a man then an intelligent man...then maybe rich man...then if we are fortunate a religious man then maybe in the family of Devotees.

    In this way human life is very expensive. And the opportunity to practice Krishna Consciousness in a human body is priceless. 

    If by our own weakness if we again break our goal for temporary things like woman, man...then again we have to repeat all these things.

    And every time  we think that it will give me satisfaction. This is illusion.

    Knowing it perfectly Krishna says us" you will be satisfied only if you come to me!" He does not need us. He has lots of Devotees. But as a Mother He can not tolerate  our suffering. By giving the knowledge and practice He says us do this and come to Me as quickly as possible. 

    And this age of Kali He came Himself as a Holy Name. If we chant the Holy Names attentively and after finishing our rounds chant Them on our mind for whole day not worrying about other things then we will achieve Him.

    We will be fully satisfied.


    Rupa Goswami, Sanatana Goswami, Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami....all were multi millionaires,  they had most beautiful wives, palaces. And do You think that they were fools by changing it for the dust of Vrindavan????????

    Your servant,

  • A 1000 times obeisances to all the devotees of my Lord & specially to all three of you above for setting perfect examples of 'humility & tolerance' of a true Vaishnav for neophytes like me. All glories unto you. May Krishna give me some of these qualities of his devotees.

    And Maral Mataji, dandavat to you. Such a pure soul you are. Whenever & whatever you speak it seems like it directly comes from Krishna himself & Lord has all the right to scold us to avoid us from falling.


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    Hare Krishna Aakash Menon Prabhu, please accept my sincere obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     Yash Shah Prabhuji, Aakash Prabhuji is talking about me.

     It says that we should hate the disease but love the person, the soul.

    when i told that they are sinners...i told about their bad deeds. Bad behaviors which make them suffer in this world again and again. Sometimes mother puts her child in the corner of the room giving him a punishment. child seeing this suffers also. But this suffering on the contrary will give him knowledge that he should act correctly.

    Or she says strict words, or even beats to a soft place, but it is only for the welfare of a child. Doing that mother's heart pains more than the child's but if she does not do so child will degrade.


    As like Diti asked her husband Kashyapa Muni that why her children became demons but Aditi's sons became Demigods.

    Kashyapa Muni told that "you never told "No!" to your sons and gave everything they desired. all sense gratifications, nice words...you never chastised them when they did wrong. because of that they are now demons. their philosophy is to live life and enjoy. But Aditi knew when to give and when not to give. ..."



    But even though i hurt You and Your Friends, because of that beg forgiveness again and again!

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna Maral Mata,

      Pamho, prabhupada

      All glories to srila prabhupada!

      In my life I was very sincere,simple and very honest. I try not to hurt anyone.From childhood I am looking

      for true love and was told by parents as good child, good friend by friends and so on. I never received true love from anyone every love is very conditional. I went into frustration and started to search for happiness in tv,friends and so on and I got temporary pleasure in them. I started to love krishna and he started reciprocating and many unbelievable things started happening in my life and I was raised so much materially that even I can't believe, he started giving me whatever I want. I started to immerse myself into material pleasures more and more. I am frustrated because I lost my love for someone but still attached to that person and became insincere to krishna and failed to become devotee.Out of frustration I raise all stupid questions and irritate devotees. I am very sorry that I made true vaishnava apologise to fallen soul, May krishna and devotees forgive me.

      Your servant


  • hare krsna aakash,

                                   it seems dat someone has hurt u by their language. well, ur thought is very correct that vaishnavas should respect people despite their tthought process. we should not forget that every living being is special in the eyes of krsna & they all have a special role in the dham of goloka.

    it is ok if u dont elaborate anything. if it another vaishnava who has hurt your kind heart i will ask for forgiveness on his behalf and ask u to plz. forgive him ...

    we must all know that even if a vaishnava seems to be against us through wordshe is doing so in the ultimate service of RADHA KRSNA only.so, feeling animositic is not recomended..

    thank you !

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