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I am new to this platform and want to ask few questions:


How can i ask my friends to stop eating non veg? They will say we sit business partners or some other reasons. How can i convince them?

How can i convince my friends and relatives not to drink alchohol and smoke. They will drugs are also in allopathic medicine. 

I really want to wear rudraksh mala but in order to wear it you need to stop consuming onion and garlic. How can i convince my family that onion and garlic are not good? Any scientifc blog if you have which can help me.


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Anuj Prabhu,


    Firstly, sorry for delay in replying.

    We need to understand one thing - Krsna Consiousness is for US to follow. I tis very natural that when one comes to Krsna Consciousness as a new devotee, we try that the world around us should see and appreciate the gem we found and adopt it alongwith us. Gradaully, we get beaten by our friends and family so much that in some cases, the (komal) faith itself gets shaken, then we setlle to a lot less energetic Krsna Consiousness. 

    Real maturity is to understand that to change anyone around us, we need to change ourselves first. Have we reached a stage where we do not get irritated by what would normally irritate us? Whether our temperament has improved? Have we become calmer?

    Please answer the above for yourself. I already know what your answer will be.

    The next stage is to realise that Krsna Consciousness is more internal than external. Once we realise this, we start to change ourselves/ cultivate Krsna Consciousness from our heart and see the change of heart. 

    In my opinion, you should start from home. To convince your family, you stop having onion and garlic. Develop a genuine distaste for it.  When your family sees that you really dont like them, they wil stop serving them to you. Maybe they will adopt your means, maybe not. Dont ever force family. Accept them as they are. Learn to stay in peaceful co existence where they are free to follow their conviction and you are free to follow yours. Then only they will realise that this person has changed - he is not trying to impose his views and beliefs on us, he is peaceful and happy in his choice of way of life. then only they will pay attention to your ways and try to adopt. If they dont, just too bad. You have found your peace.

    Dont know the rules of rudraksh mala. For tulsi mala, if we wear around our neck, then onion, garlic, non veg, alcohol should not cross the neck anymore.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Volunteer

    Best way to convince others is by example. 

    Are you chanting your minimum set rounds, at the very least 16 everyday?

    Are you observing the 4 regulated principles?

    Chanting the Holy Names, Mahamantra is of utmost importance. A million times more important than anything else.

    4 regulative priciples help us stay on the path.

    Chanting Hari Naam will cure every disease. Including this disease of material attachment.

    Can you encourage your friends to Chant 1 round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra? If you cannot, can you at least have them chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra once? As soon as they get up.

    Even if they cannot do that, have them chan "Jai Sri Krishna" or "Jai Sri Rama" 

    Doing this every dat will go on clensing them and automatically they will by themselves feel like giving up bad and sinful habits.

    Sometimes they may just throw up if they eat meat and Lord helps in making them give up.

    Just wear them anyway. Do your best to convince your family about onion and garlic. If they dont listen you cannot do anything about it.

    Just keep chanting and be patient and one day lord will change their mind.




    Onions & Garlic in relation to Vaishnavism
    • Hare Krishna

      I only chant 4 rounds in a day. Well, i hate non veg, alchohol and all such anti social elements.




  • Hare Krishna,

    I found this video present by ISKCON DESIRE TREE very convincing. Pls. go thru the entire video. Really enlightening.


    We all know other substances alchoal, drugs and non veg how they are dertimental in progress of bhakti. But onion garlic and its side effects on the consciouness is explained beautifully by Amerendra das prabhu ji. It is most convincing video I personally felt and It covers all those scientific evidence, Medical reference.. Scriptural references and much more.
    Pls. take time to go thru it entirely.

    Hare Krishna.

    • That video is inaccurate and full of mis-information, I have seen it passed around so many times and people seem to be believe every word he says. Let me summarise and explain why it's mis-information

      The beginning of the video he talks about greeks and how women would use garlic to hide their infidelity by eating garlic after so that their husbands would not come near them, this way, they would be able to buy time and eventually their husbands would move onto another subject.  So does mean garlic consumption is bad?? this makes no sense at all. He also mentions that Hippocrates avoided garlic and discouraged its use because it cause a great of anxiety, agitation, sense of warmth in the heart etc etc, again, complete false mis-information, the link below provides details of Hippocrates use of garlic and he mainly refers to it from a medicinal perspective.


      Then he moves onto the Romans and says that the rich aristocrats would not eat onions and garlic and instead give it to the poor. Again, this is completely misleading, there are numerous reputable sources of information from historians that say otherwise, yes garlic was given to the soldiers and labourers, but that was to give them more strength and energy. Again, there are no sources that claim the wealthy Romans did not consume garlic because of health reasons, in fact, they ate garlic by employing the process known as "Ennobling", more information here 


      Then he moves onto the British and claiming the leprosy was the cause of eating too much garlic because they would see the lepers in the streets and their skin peeling off as a result of eating garlic. (peel garlic disease). This is another completely false claim. The British were referring to the leprosy as 'peel garlic disease' because their skins would peel off like the skin of garlic does, NOT because of eating garlic!

      Anyway, his entire lengthly misinformed speech is directly taken from a post written by Janananda Gosvami, http://www.cmswami.com/article/onions-and-garlic

      In that post, he mentions a doctor who has done research and deemed garlic to be a poison, Dr Robert C Beck, you can watch his clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQXzGc25EKc&t=12s 

      The doctor again was clearly spreading misinformation and his claims are completely false, how do we know? because one of the things he mentions is that garlic is so poisonous that it was used during WW2. The soldiers would rub garlic on the ends of the bullets and if anyone got nicked by one of those bullets, they would die! If anyone believes that, they'd believe anything.

      So far, there is NO evidence that garlic is harmful to the human body when consumed sensibly and as part of a recipe. Eating too much of any food is going to be harmful, in fact, drinking too much water can kill you, so does this mean water is poison too? I doubt many people would walk around eating raw cloves of garlic and whole onions!

      If anyone has a reputable source of information that proves the harmful nature of garlic then please post it here, otherwise, refrain from posting misleading information, there's plenty of it on the internet already. A good overview of garlic and it's use can e found here. 









      Historical perspective on the use of garlic - PubMed
      The objective of this review is to examine briefly the medical uses of garlic throughout the ages and the role that it was considered to play in prev…
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