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I am new to this platform and want to ask few questions:


How can i ask my friends to stop eating non veg? They will say we sit business partners or some other reasons. How can i convince them?

How can i convince my friends and relatives not to drink alchohol and smoke. They will drugs are also in allopathic medicine. 

I really want to wear rudraksh mala but in order to wear it you need to stop consuming onion and garlic. How can i convince my family that onion and garlic are not good? Any scientifc blog if you have which can help me.


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    Best way to convince others is by example. 

    Are you chanting your minimum set rounds, at the very least 16 everyday?

    Are you observing the 4 regulated principles?

    Chanting the Holy Names, Mahamantra is of utmost importance. A million times more important than anything else.

    4 regulative priciples help us stay on the path.

    Chanting Hari Naam will cure every disease. Including this disease of material attachment.

    Can you encourage your friends to Chant 1 round of Hare Krishna Mahamantra? If you cannot, can you at least have them chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra once? As soon as they get up.

    Even if they cannot do that, have them chan "Jai Sri Krishna" or "Jai Sri Rama" 

    Doing this every dat will go on clensing them and automatically they will by themselves feel like giving up bad and sinful habits.

    Sometimes they may just throw up if they eat meat and Lord helps in making them give up.

    Just wear them anyway. Do your best to convince your family about onion and garlic. If they dont listen you cannot do anything about it.

    Just keep chanting and be patient and one day lord will change their mind.




    Onions & Garlic in relation to Vaishnavism
  • Hare Krishna,

    I found this video present by ISKCON DESIRE TREE very convincing. Pls. go thru the entire video. Really enlightening.


    We all know other substances alchoal, drugs and non veg how they are dertimental in progress of bhakti. But onion garlic and its side effects on the consciouness is explained beautifully by Amerendra das prabhu ji. It is most convincing video I personally felt and It covers all those scientific evidence, Medical reference.. Scriptural references and much more.
    Pls. take time to go thru it entirely.

    Hare Krishna.

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