Iskon Aarti Album


    I want that we should have formal Iskon Aarti Album recorded at Studio. I want Help and Support from Iskon Community.

My friend ask me for collection of 5,00,000 lakh Rs. for formal album. Kindly, Help me to collect this much amount for it.

you can contact me +91-9899649856

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  • E-Counselor

    Already there are so many ISKCON Arati album or songs recorded and being sold in ISKCON gift stores. If you need to record again in a special format at studio,you must seek permission of Local Governing Body Commissioner(GBC)  of ISKCON in order to raise any funds. Also,it seems too much money for this project.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    • E-Counselor

      I agree. Rs. 5 lakhs to cut an album!!! And you want donation for it - on what authority? We have parampara system in ISKCON, pls follow. Ask your senior, his senior, this way, pls reach GBC and give your proposal.


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