Hare Krishna and dandavat pranaams
Is there an ISKCON or Vaishnava community living around Pune which I can join? Basically, I will be relocating to Pune because my wife has a job on Pune and she does not want to quit it. And I am planning to quit my job and do full time service to the ISKCON/Vaishnava community from November 2014 onwards.

I have not got my own residence in Pune yet and would ideally like to live in a place where the neighbourhood is full of Vaishnavas. So please can someone suggest any such locality?

If there is no such community existing currently, is anyone interested in forming one?

I don't know how feasible it is with the current property prices to buy some plots in the Pune suburbs where we can live together as a community practising and preaching as Vaishnavas and doing some small farming etc. It would be perfect if we can get together and do something like that. If anyone is interested, please let me know as I would like to be looking into this possibility.

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  • Volunteer

    He is Radha Krishna Chandra Prabhu, 

    please You may call him and say that You got his number from me so he will help You.

    They lived in Pune for some years, also they have flat near by the New Temple.

    In Pune there are so many Devotees.

    Especially near by the New Temple.

    Your servant, 

    • Thank you very much for the contact numbers mataji. I will surely contact him when I am closer to the date of relocating. Hare Krishna and dandavat pranaams.

      • Volunteer

        Prabhu You may save the contacts and i may remove it from public

        • I have noted them down mataji. You may remove them now. Hare Krishna and dandavat pranaams.

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