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    this one is the web site of Simhachalam also in Germany :
    maybe in contacts You can find some Devotees who can advice You something Prabhu.
    Your servant,
    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

      PLease Accept My Humble Obeisance.

      Request your support to get details of ISKCON temple / centres / devotees in below region

      Koelleda ( Germany)

      Bremen ( Germany)

      ALso any guidance where Vaishnav food is served ?

      Hari Bol

      Your servant

      VItthal Jamale

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    Hare Krishna Mataji,

    thanks for yr advise ,
    I checekd the same but it is not having any info about Darmstadt,Germany
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    Hare Krishna Shalabh Gupta Prabhu,
    You can refer to the web site ISKCON Centers worldwide just in the top left side of the home page of this web.
    Your servant,
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