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ISKCON Sambalpur - The Birth Place Of Lord Kalki

Hare Krishna To All ,

Sambalpur (Also pronounced as Samalpur) in the eastern state of Orissa, is the second largest city by population in Western Orissa and is the district headquarter of Sambalpur district.

Kalki Avatar and Sambalpur

Kalachakra tantra was first taught by the Buddha to King Indrabhuti, the first dharmaraja of Shambhala.It is widely believed that the next Hindu Avatar known as Kalki will take birth at Sambalpur or Shambhala as this place was known in olden times.


There are several mentions of the place Shambhala in different Hindu and Buddhist religious texts as the birthplace of Kalki. The Mahabharatra (Vana Parva, 190.93-97) and Srimad-Bhagavatam Bhag.12.2.18 give reference of Shambhala as the birthplace.






Coming to Sambalpur after 4.27Lakh Years

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Hare Krsna,

Thank you for spreading this interesting information to other devotees.

This is very interesting indeed.



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