I don't know whether i am right or wrong but more dan foreighners indians needs knowledge about Krishna "the lord almighty". i have seen lots of spoiled out generation i want dem to be in KC .... wat you all think about it?????

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  • Dear Prabhu,

      Please accept my humble obeisances,

       Only Krishna can see what is there in our heart and can reciprocate for it. We may share what we have in our heart with devotees and they may even reciprocate to their maximum extent(even this depends on Krishna's will). But, if we cannot see Krishna's hand behind it, we may not feel the positive reciprocation that we get from devotees.

        There could be many problems over there for you which i may not solve, please remember, even Pandavas(the great devotees) can't help Draupadi in her difficult times. At any cost, at all the times we should try to depend on Krishna, only then we can understand devotees.

      Coming to other people, as they have no knowledge about Krishna(whether he is Indian or Non-Indian) they can act only on the bodily platform or on the things attached to body designations. All we can do is to set ourselves as a right example by following the process of Devotional service to Krishna.

     I hope that you will live an examplary life and will inspire others to take the path of Devotional Service unto Krishna.

     Also kindly know that every one is under the shelter of Krishna(Knowingly or Un-knowingly).

    Hare Krishna,

    Giridhara Gopala Das


    • Hare Krsna, RadhaMadhava ki jai...........all glories to Srila Prabhupad......

      Dear Mathaji,

      I think there is no need to mention any country over here. As far as Krishna and gurus are concerned, pure devotees are concerned they do not discriminate any person based on nation where they took birth. Unfortunately or fortunately, the world is so much fast forward that everyone are attracted to new things. Indians are getting attracted to western culture and Americans are getting to know what is India. They are liking our tradition, so they are trying to follow. Still please do remember our country is the only country which is very greatly fighting against our matha go hathya.....

      if you take the percentile am damn sure still indians are always great in number compared to other countries who love krishna, the only problem here is people are going after material desires and not guiding there children about the life, not letting them know that we are just servants of radhamadhava.........

      Krishna see all his children without making any differentiation between them.............even a demigod, demon or human beings, animals all we are his childrens.........he will take care of everything.......... from our end, only let us try to educate people around us irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation about krishna, srila prabhupad's teachings.........hari bol...........

  • yes, you are right in the sense even indians don't know about krsna. how could they after belonging to a nation? If they all remember belonging to krsna in the first place then the question of being "indian" would not come up or even the word "international". The generation you see as spoiled are under the illusory energy of the lord which is very powerful. No one is outside the influence of the lord therefore it could be wise of you not to disturb them too much. They will reap what they sow and so shall you. Where is the reason to lament?

    • Hare Krsna to all listeners here and Francis gregory Kirchner Prabhuji , One can be more flexible and dynamic if one acts as the scriptures like Bhagavad Gita dictate. Over there is a mention of the land of Bharat which now goes by the name of the country "India" and of which the majority of the population are grouped under the category Hindu now for quite some time and the word Hindu does not resonate in the revealed scripture.

         I would also like to add that since Iskcon is global it can benefit all for there is infinitley more we share in common than the usual differences of Place, climate and time. National feelings are important but pale in comparison to the true essence of Bhagavad Gita. I hope this helps! Hari Bol

  • Lord Krishna is the Absolute and transcends any material space and time.He cannot be identified with any society or country or even to any material thing. We do not appreciate or worship or surrender to Him if devotion is not there.The material tool available to us in term of our body, mind, intelligence,ego,society,country have to be fine tuned with real Krishna consciousness .That of course is a challenge in front of any devotee.

  • thankyou Prabhu for the information.

    Your servant


  • hare krishna,all glories to srila prabhupada................respected francis gregory kirchner and all other prabhu ji,s........by starting this discussion doen't mean that foreighners should not be part  of ISCKON........ i said so because i have seen many foreighners fully devoted to lord but unfortunately there are many Indians who don't respect and knows the values of ISKCON.

    let me give you one example - when i was going to ISCKON one day,i saw one Indian girl fully druken in the car and she just passed away with so much of ignorance towards lord , i felt really sad about her for not knowing the truth of life, but when i entered the temple i saw one foreighner woman, she was so much devoted to lord i talked to her and found that .. we all must be a part of this society whether indians or forieghners ... no issues with cast,community and country.... hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna, yes, thank you for raising this issue for us to discuss.and thanks again for clarifying how you feel, I find it very hard to see people hurting themselves and I feel very sad for all the women that are mistreated by society, I was just sharing some of my own feelings and not misunderstanding what you where saying. I do not accuse anyone it is my own issue that I was mentioning and not because I want to discourage. I was thinking about this subject and when I read this discussion I wanted to add something.  I think it was one of the biggest concerns of Srila Prabhupada that especially the people of India  take to Krishna Consciousness very seriously and preserve the wonderful culture and traditions of Bharata Varsha After all it is the real center of the world. I feel for the suffering of the people of India I consider you my family otherwise I would never speak my mind so openly I trust, and I am being proven right, that there are still many saintly people in India. Thank you for being compassionate and setting a good example this is a very difficult and big thing to do with all of the pressures and propaganda we are forced to live with every day. hare Krishna

      • hare krishna......... it was my honour to have you and other prabhu ji's to express their feelings .... as it actually gave me one more lesson dat how other feels about the India and their thinking ...... i wish that people like you and me would someday be able to make some little changes in the society for everyone's good and that would be our great achievement......... once again thanz for expressing your view points......... hari bol

    • Hare Krishna Pratibhaji

      Thankyou for raising the discussion.Sorry for misunderstanding you.

      Pls. forgive.

      With regards,

      Your servant,


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