I don't know whether i am right or wrong but more dan foreighners indians needs knowledge about Krishna "the lord almighty". i have seen lots of spoiled out generation i want dem to be in KC .... wat you all think about it?????

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      • No issues prabhu ji........ just give some important suggestions so dat we can polish our new generations...... hare krishna !


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    Hare Krishna, Vijay prabhu!!!! Thnkx a lot for guiding us!!!

  • Yes, international is also good
  • The very basis of this discussion is already wrong and it shows lack of proper understanding of the Bhagavad Gita or of Srila Prabhupada's teachings in its proper context. 

    The very first thing that His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada is trying to stress in studying the Bhagavad Gita is that we are NOT this body. We are a spirit soul and we have an eternal, loving relationship with Krsna. 

    O son of Påthä, those who take shelter in Me, though they be of lower birth—women, vaiçyas [merchants] and çüdras [workers]—can attain the supreme destination. [Bg. 9.32]

    PURPORT It is clearly declared here by the Supreme Lord that in devotional service there is no distinction between the lower and higher classes of people. In the material conception of life there are such divisions, but for a person engaged in transcendental devotional service to the Lord there are not. Everyone is eligible for the supreme destination.

    Therefore, our duty is to try to spread the Holy Name everywhere and then, when people respond positively, we slowly guide them to Krsna Conciousness by strictly following in the footsteps of our Gurus and previous Acaryas. i.e., we preach through guidance from our gurus and senior devotees who are successfully doing this already. 

    Best regards,

    Hare Krsna.

    • Hare Krishna!!,

                              Prabhuji, I totally agree to your view.Krishna Consciousness as the word suggests means to be constantly aware of Him while as a Jeeva we are entangled in this material body and tend to forget His presence considering ourselves as body and not the atma which is a small part and parcel of Paramatma.Divine Shri Prabhupada ji rose above all misreprentations of the divine knowledge and spread it out into this world as guided by His Guru.We have to follow in His foot prints to the best of our abilities and not try to copy any one.

                                                                                                                                                 Hare Krishna!!

    • Hare krishna to all

      Dandavat Pranam,

      Sorry if my answers have been offensive.Please forgive.

      Your servant


      • Dear Prabhuji,

        Hare Krsna! None of you are offensive at all but, on the contrary, the fact that all of you are posting here means that you are indeed serious about your Krsna Consciousness and are therefore, nice devotees. 

        The point is that we have so much more to discuss like:-

        1. How to improve our sadhana, specifically our chanting so that we will want to do it more and more enthusiastically and sincerely. 

        2. We all have faults - that is why we are here in the material world. However, by advancement in our own devotional service (or simply tying to), specifically by trying our best to be aware of our own offenses while chanting (assuming that you are chanting), we will see that our faults will gradually diminish. 

        3. Once this happens, we will see that more and more people become attracted to our practice and, will inquire about ISKCON. This is how we create a happy Krsna Conscious Society regardless of cast, creed, nationality, etc.,. 

        Believe it or not, most of the people (including Indians) actually DO know their faults. However, most of us have little or no proper knowledge on how to get rid of them. 

        Therefore, when we simply practice our own devotional life joyfully and sincerely and show that we all can get along very well together in ISKCON and are primarily concerned with each other's spiritual development, the rest of the people will see this genuineness and will be naturally attracted. 

        With Love,

        So, do not worry about who needs Krsna Consciousness more or less than others. Everyone needs it and our job is to make ISKCON a society that has the ability to develop capable and sincere devotees all over the world. 

        • Hare Krishna Vijay Prabhuji,

          Dandavat Pranam,

          very enlightening answer,if we start doing our sadhana properly,then everything will fall in place.

          With Regards,

          Your servant,


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    Hare Krishna, mataji!!! It is now doubt that imitations of pastimes of Krishna are found mostly among Indians. Most of the Indians try to imitate the divine pastimes of Radha Krishna, drag them down to a material plane and give them the shape of man-woman relationship, not knowing the spiritual significance of the eternal relationship between Parampurush and Paraprakriti. You have so many ugly Hindi songs on our Mahamantra, songs that try to establish Krishna as a lusty man hankering after gopis. They spoil the entire spiritual significance of Rasa-leela. They think if Krishna can dance with gopis and marry so many wives, why can't we do the same? So they need to be reformed, there is no doubt about that. But beyond the borders of India,  there are many people who are fallen into the dark pit of material  world. Amidst all luxuries, they are unaware of the Supreme goal. So, ISKCON is an all-embracing organization that seeks to reform all kinds of perverts and take them home, back to Godhead. As Prabhupada says, 'ISKCON is an oasis in the desert of material life', and anyone who is tired of traversing on this material life and seeks spiritual bliss is welcome here, irrespective of whether the person is an Indian or American. Afterall, Krishna is the God of everyone. Apart from reforming the perverted Indians(not all, there are some who are truly devoted to Him), ISKCON must reform people from all around the globe who are trapped in some way or other.

  • hare krishna Siddharth prabhu

    Dandavat pranam,

    Sorry If i am wrong, but I gave answer specifically for the name change.Whether indians are more racial or not, I don't know.Yes its true that in the present scenario,Indians are more in need of this knowledge.

    Even if you see material development we indians are very complacent,the commitment is always lacking and their is laziness.Similarly in spiritual life we think that we know everything,but behave exactly opposite of the scriptures.

    i have heard that in the previous ages our earth was known as bharat planet.I don't know about the different tracts of land.please clarify.

    But how name changing simply will change the entire scenario,I can't understand


    your servant


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