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Hare krsna prabhujis and Matajis, 

All glories  to Guru and Gauranga,

I wanted to know is there  any ias coaching  centre run by our iskcon devotees? 

I  Googled to searched  for it and I came across Gauranga  das prabhuji's  page but I did not  get any clear information about it, contacts  and Exact place and all,  

Pls kindly help me for providing me the detailed information about  the IAS coaching centre's run by devotees. 

All glories to srila prabhupad 

Ur Insignificant  servant,


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  • Hare krishna 
    You can mail on the id- for information about UPSC CSE preparation in GEV by HG Gauranga Prji

  • yes iSKCON SAN DEAGO is #1. last I knew, but all timpels are coaching- new mantra pratishiners all the time.They teach Bhakti Yoga and The Darma or (the proper or effective use and pratice/ teckneeques) of Honoring the Creator and Hi's creation. Bhakti, all templels teach #1. How to regulate the mind/mentle and bodally angziaties by the ever-purafying daily pratices of regulating the activaties and restraing from illiset associations. Refered to by them as "ThaReggs" that's accually all they the Timples do. Those Ashrams are litterally "All schools fielled with Coaches who Love to couch us and one another all the time. that's as "Superfalis question as ever was askes indeed! any way, plz. can you be more spacific.Many Souls serrender to God for many diffrent reasions. Krishna names them in the Gita! good luck. Parth patil Glory glory all Glories belong to the Vishnavas of whone Krishna's Bhakties are "the Formost of instruters" This is the Supreem and Ultimet pratice of Religesasaty i.e.- "MahnoTheism" Krishna krishna Haray haray,  Rama Rama.

  • Hare Krishna,

    I don't know what is IAS coaching prabhu. Do you mean Indian Adminstration services Or Isckon Admistration services?

    The coaching will be provided by Chanakya IAS Academy Delhi. (Details given in the attached PPT and on the video link).

    On behalf of Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Centre, ISKCON Govardhan Ecovillage, we are happy to announce the launch of UPSC exams coaching (IAS, IPS, IFS etc.) The coaching will be provided by Chanakya IAS Academy Delhi. (Details given in the attached PPT and on the video link)

    I googled to find source but I am not sure of this.

    You may want to call the institute and find out more details.

    Hare Krishna

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  • Pls  Anyone kindly answer my question, 

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