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Hare Krishna dear devotees,



i am new on this forum and not getting my way around just jet:)

i am trying to find some guidelines about how to feed a baby when weaning starts after six months, and how to take care of infant/toddler health with natural remedies, and so on.  i am not finding much information...i mean like a book or something, not forums where people generally write what they think. i was hoping to find something like approved from iskcon, or from scriptures. or maybe from some devotee that is a pediatrician or ayurvedic doctor?

there are many "karmi" versions of charts what food should be introduced when and so on but i was hoping that something like that could be found in our community, and not just adjusting karmi versions to our lifestyle. 

for example i know cow milk is very important in devotee, and especially child life, but so many karmi doctors do not agree.. so i would like to know ayurvedic standard on how to give kids milk to be acceptable, and when. 

also we decided not to vaccine our baby so i was wondering is there some ayurvedic tips of how to boost immune system an so on.

does anyone know is there some literature perhaps from iskcon? ayurveda? 

any tips are welcomed! 

if there is not any iskcon should really publish few books on feeding, health, psychic&emotional development of baby/toddlers, it woul be soooo useful!:)

anyhow, thank you for your input!

ys govinda-priya dd

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here are some magazines and maybe You can send questions also.

And the best thing is to find those who are also having children. As like in our forum there is Mutlu Inci Mataji. She is a very nice Devotee also a Mother. 

Your servant, 

thank you! i found both of these links and there is some  information but i guess best is to find someone who has children like you said Bhaktin Maral. 


Dear Sister,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,
Hare Krsna!

I have a son who is almost 2 years old. Eating is not so complicated actually. Just give him prasadam.

In Every meal there should be legumes and vegetables and cereals. %30-20 legumes, %30-20 vegetables and the rest cereals, cooked with olive oil or butter or ghee. Also give him pistacchio, all sort of nuts and sesame this is also very important. This is a very balanced diet.

Between the meals you can give fruits, cereals and milk or milk products.

According to ayurveda don't mix milk with fruits or with yogurt. You can mix milk with biscuits(cereals).

Cow milk, soya milk and rice milk are okey. Direct cow milk is not good at this age. You can give processed cow milk for babies enhanced with Vitamins.(baby milks). This is very important and essential to get all the vitamins, omegas and iron.

Don't give yogurt at nights.

I learned all these while studiing and hearing from beloved Srila Prabhupada and vegetarian books.

Your aspiring servant,

Hare Krishna, thank you so much for answering! 

very helpful! i know all this but i guess i need someone experienced to reassure me :)

 i was nut sure about nuts because they can be pretty allergenic but i tried sesame and my baby was ok with it  (she is 7,5 months now) 

i wished not to give baby milks (she is breastfed) because i like more natural ways and foods than processed stuff...:) and therefor i did not know what to think about regular milk after she turns 1year due to not very natural ways of producing milk today (hormones etc) best would be to have some local farm or devotees but unfortunately no such thing...:)

can i ask did you vaccine your son? about immune system and ayurvedic look on it i got an answer from ask doctor category on this site to google about suvarna bindu samskara. that is ayurvedic immune system booster made from ghee and other things. heard about it? 

your servant

mmm, ı really dont know about immune system ayurvedic products. You can make a research on internet or ask a friend who goes to India.

If you are breastfeeding then no problem, but after one year make sure that you give him all the vitamins.

I gave all sorts of nuts and I didnt have any problem. Make your research and decide for yourself. Make sure that he got omega 3 a lot for healthy brain development .  Flaxseed oil is good for extra omega 3. Also dont forget his vitamin D and fluroid supplements in correct quantity for her age....

so nice to see Devotees helping to each other.

If some of You know Russian here are wonderful lectures of Lalana Mataji about womanhood, child care, family life and all which we require to know.

Your servant, 

and here the link for kids' spiritual health. 

and here is about vaccination

Your servant, 

thank you all!

your servant

jay Radhe!

Dear Govinda-priya Mataji!

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I was requested by devotees to reply to this discussion, so maybe my experience helps you in some way.

I have a 25 month old son. When he was born, I did not have any experience with children. But several devotees told me that it is good to breastfeed him at least for several years. They told that women would do that in traditional cultures. I know some other devotees doing it.

So now I am breastfeeding him for the 3rd year. I started to introduce other foods by 6 months, but he did not eat much of it. I tried making porridges and vegetable purees, but he would never eat them. So I just breastfed him and allowed him to eat whatever he wanted from our normal prasadam - rice, dal, sabji, chapati, fruit... But up to about 15 months of age he ate very little of the other things except for breast milk. Then he started eat more, but up until now he is still breastfeeding several times a day and at night.

So he is very very healthy and growing fast. I am able to visit temple once in several months, and every time several devotees express their surprise at how fast he is growing. I did not vaccinate him. He never had any health problem during these years, except for little allergy at about 2 to 5 months age, and a little cold and running nose a few times. I studied biology, and the thing is that from the breastmilk the child is getting ready antibodies against any disease that the mother has immunity for. So my experience is that when we both catch cold, he gets over it several days quicker than me, because he is getting the ready antibodies while I have to make them :-). The only problem is that his front teeth are not in a very good condition due to breastfeeding so much, but otherwise he is extremely healthy and his digestion is great.

As for myself, it is a very big austerity to breastfeed so long, I sometimes feel like dying. It is only possible if your husband is maintaining you and you can focus on the child. My husband is, but still it is very very austere. Otherwise with the modern lifestyle, it is not possible. Therefore so many other artificial things are needed to care for children.

And yes, the karmi doctors say that milk is bad and flesh is good. That's what his doctor was saying every visit. Finally we moved to another place and I just brought that doctor prasadam and goodbye.

If I there is anything else I could help you, please contact me or reply to this, I will be happy.

Your humble servant,

Madhavi-lata d.d.

Dear Madhavi Lata,

Hare Krsna!

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I live in Italy but north of Italy far away from Villa Vrndavan. I read that you lived there two years with your husband. How was your experience there? I also have a son who is 21 months old. Here you can see him:

It is really a challenge to take care of the deities, my son, the family, chanting, studiing scriptures and other services. One day should be at least 48 hours...

Your aspiring servant,


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