• The books you're referring to are often used in spiritual or religious practices. Writing "Rama Rama Rama" or any other mantra repeatedly is a form of meditation and devotion in Hinduism. The act of writing is believed to help concentrate the mind and foster a deeper connection with the divine. These books provide a structured space for this practice.

  • When you chant loudly you are actually forcing the wandering mind to concertrate on krsna
    When you are constantly chanting the mahamantra 16*108 times our mind is compelled to come back to the supreme
    personality of godhead.
    Also as Shravan prabhuji correctly mentioned by chanting the mahamantra the most diffult
    sense to control -the tongue comes under your control

    when you are chanting you are engaging your month, and simultaneously you are hearing
    the maha mantra with your ears which means two of your senses are engaged in krsna's service
    which is awesome

    And in this age when the trees are decreaing let us exploit trees by wastng paper

  • Some chant, some do japa and some may even write. It all depends with what YOU are comfortable with at the very beginning. Because at a later stage all these become irrelevant.  If you are fascinated and attracted to writing the Shatanama, you can certainly do so. However, in this world of scarce resources, why dont you do it on a Computer, thereby saving the costly paper and trees?

    Hare Krishna.

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    The purpose of chanting is to keep our tongue engaged in chanting the Holy Name of the lord. Tongue is the hardest sense to control. Combined with eating prasadam will help you control your tongue. Writing alone will not do this.

    We must chant very loudly, like Haridas Thakore. So even people who listen to the chanting will be engaged in devotional service, since listening is one of the methods of devotional practice.  This is called ahaituki kripa.

    Writing will only help you and knowing this, we can clearly see that chanting loudly is far superior. As devotees we must not be selfish, but give Krishna to all.

    Forgive me if I offend you. Hare Krishna

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