Hare Krishna!There are many photo frames which have 3 dieties or sometimes more, most common being laxmi, ganesh saraswati. is this 3 in one worship legal?? I mean laxmi requires different flowers saraswati ganesh will have different requirements...  thx

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji,


    Read the 7th Chapter of Bhagawad Gita.You will find the solution to your question.

    Hari Bol

  • I dont understand what you mean by "what if I dont like Krishna" all the Demigods are but a reflection of Krishnas energies

    Krishna says "he who worships other gods, worships only me , o son of Kunti but he does so in a wrong way" (BG 9:23).

    I think all the slokas 9:22- 25, would be useful to you.

    chant Hare Krishna, you will come to like him, even Lord Brahma has to die.

  • You can have as many pictures in a photograph. Your Bhava is most important

    Read More..

  • Hi

    PAMHO , AGTSP , Hare krishna.

    there is nothing illegal about worshiping three gods in one Photo frame. 

    but rather i say illogical . it is just like sending same request to three different Authorities . 

    and to add , our shastra's always suggest worship only one God. let it be any one . 

    but we all know Krishna is omnipotent and he is the supreme lord so if you can connect with him then it is good.

    but if you want to pray some other gods then OK. but Pray to only one let it be laxmi or Ganesha or any other god.

    Now come to your Picture . 

    generally we human beings are working towards or rather aspire three things

    1. Good education / knowledge 

    2. Money 

    3. bump / difficulty free Life . 

    so This Picture made to satisfy all three basic instinct of a human.

    i hope i have answered your question 

    Hari bol



  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The lord is called bhava grahi - one who responds to bhava - emotions.

    Secondly, we encourage people to pray to the Supreme Lord for fulfillment of even material desires. When we focus on one Supreme Lord and His eternal pastimes, and call out His names regularly, diligently, we will  make progress, both materially and spiritually.


    Your servant,


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