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  • Creation of Life (God – Scientist)

    When the energy, which is another form of matter, only does a special function, that special function or special mechanism or special technology is called as life. Thus, life is the special work of energy. The scientist is unable to make the energy to do this special work. The scientist is unable to know this special mechanism. Thus life is a special know-how or the knowledge of special technology. Since knowledge is power, the life can be called as special power.

    Let me give you an example. A cook prepared a curry. With the same materials another cook prepared the same curry but with additional taste. This special taste is the life. The taste is not the extra material, which is hidden in the hand of second cook. The taste is only a special knowledge or talent of the second cook. The first cook is scientist and the second cook is God. God does not reveal this one special technology to human beings because the human being always wants to become God due to his inherent egoism and jealousy. Thus God saved the human being from its fall. One should constantly remember this point and constantly surrender to God.

    at lotus feet of swami
    • but where is the logic ..................or if i say E=mc2 is tht special power or the transform of energy frm somwhr in the universe wch actually refers to the same wat u said i mean the special power wch we cannot see in its original form.
      • Pure Awareness (Soul) requires existence of 2 items. One is inert energy that is obtained from digestion of food (Annat Purashah- Veda).

        Second is nervous system, which alone can convert this inert energy into awareness on functioning.

        So, awareness is dependent on these two items but God is independent & does not depend on any other item.Matter (food) is converted into energy & awareness is a form of energy.

        This generation of awareness is not in the hands of human being. This conversion of inert energy from food to awareness is by the will of God only.

        at lotus feet of swami
      • well it depends
        u may consider GOD to be a bindu or may be some other form

        E=mc2.......form differs according to belief

        Always go for substance over matter and try and understand and just stick to one formula and just keep playing with words
  • Hare Krishna

    Its a belief, may not have a form but you feel him, he is like air which u feel but cannot see....
    I can narrate you an incident when i felt that GOD exists for sure. I had my CA inter exam and as usual costing paper was bad. I appeared for some 60 40 i could not attempt only and worst of all i got blank in the first one hour of the paper.

    On the day of exam in the morning, one religious saint had come home and he said that you will clear for sure without he knowing that i have my exam sand he gave me some prasadam also. Initially i had it with nothing on my mind and i went for exam but paper was so bad and i was almost shaken. I always wanted to clear my exam in my first shot and some how i felt that because of this i might loose my first attempt tag.

    I prayed to GOD while writing paper and some how i got energized so much that i could attempt 60 marks paper.

    And finally the D results day....Well i was worried about Costing paper. Well to my surprise i cleared with 52 marks in costing as in appeared for 60 mks and i got 52.

    I was so happy to clear such a competitive exam and i felt that GOD is there offcourse for those who help themselves and he exists
    So moral is that beleief is must and with lot of belief (true beliefs) one can feel him and he helps all his devotees

    Also why we chant the mahamantra...i can relate one more thing. Say if we chant "John, John, John...." finally we will be bored and we will forget but when we chant say "Hare Krishna.....umpteen number of times" u feel strength.

    Logic is there

    Jai Shri Krishna
    • its jst a feeling wat u said but u r not sure abt the existence of god.....rite? and if i say its E=mc2 if u knw the formula its the same wat u felt.
      • To feel is to exist
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