• Hare Krishna,

    Tea/coffee come under the category of stimulants they are not intoxicants. But whatever they are. They are creating some changes in the mind ... the alter the normal pleasant condition of the mind. People feel refreshed temporarily from taking it. If you suddenly stop them you feel symptoms of headache or caffine withdrawal symptoms. This is because the mind or the body which was normal before consumption is altered to some other state and now if you withdraw it you are feeling craving or sense of not " feeling good" This means you made your body dependable completely to that caffiene.  You have given ur remote control of your body and surrendered to the caffine. One must surrender like this to Krishna. HAHHA.

    You must feel dependable and must take pleasure in enjoying the company of Krishna than taking pleasure in caffeinated bevarages.  " I enjoy drinking tea"< this should be replaced by I enjoy being in Krishna's presence. I enjoy being surrendered to Krishna , I enjoy giving my life and soul to Krishna. I enjoy giving key and remote of my mind and body to Krishna instead of tea and coffee.

    Oh these things are not so sinful as compared to gambling, intoxication and adultery, meat eating... but this is way higher step towards Krishna Consciousness.

    When you are clean internally ( like free from gambling, intoxication ( wine, beer,) meat eating ( eggs and meat, fish, poultry) and stopped all illicit affairs. Now you are getting closer to Krishna .. there is one more step to become more purified that is.. losing this interest in tea and coffee . now these are habits and stimulants. You can give them up for higher cause. You gave up nonsense habits very big sinful activities like illicit sex and meat eating and gambling.. now this is small step which makes you more pure.

    Like you see Purity of Gold 95% pure or 100% pure. Its upto you.  If you like to become devotee of Krishna then start saying " I ENJOY KRISHNA BHAKTI" then saying I ENJOY Drinking Tea.  so cheap to say. Selfish enjoyment isn't it. Try to give pleasure not to your senses. Give pleasure to Krishna's senses and see. How beautiful this change can be.

    Hare Krishna.

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