Is taking initiaton difficult ?

the other day few of devotees were talking with me...I asked whether taking initiation in Iskcon difficult ? I had asked about Iskcon Chowpatty's procedure for the same...The devotee said It indeed takes a long time unlike Iskcon Juhu....Sometimes people are left waiting, I have completed a year in association and my mentor is HG Satyananda pr whom i go to Sunday class...

The thing is I don't want to be left out...I am interested in a devotional grhastha life dedicated to Krishna...My parents are in approval with my being in bhakti...

I am confused and having second doubts about coming to temple...If it takes that long I may stop coming to the temple and take another choice

Sorry but my intention is never to hurt anyone...please forgive me if i have



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  • Hare Krishna.
    I think Krishna helps with initiation when some one is fit for it. Its not like a movie ticket that if the que is long u vl go to another theatre.
  • Hare Krishna mata...I am sorry for this display of childish behavior...I will do as you've explained
  • Hare Krishna mata...I am sorry for this display of childish behavior...I will do as you've explained
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Initiation is a tangible process, which you can percieve physically. If you have no patience for initiation, then how will you have patience for God realisation. Pls dont get me wrong - getting initiated is one thing and being God realised is another. What I am trying to say is that the spiritual path is across many lifetimes, unless one is patient and perseverant, results cannot be expected.

    My personal take on this topic is - regardless of initiation, you can always chant 16, follow 4 and regularly read Srila Prabhupada books, eat only prasadam and associate with devotees. You do not have to wait for initiation for all this. This is spiritual progress, not taking initiation fastest.

    What I know is - some guru maharaj's give initiation very fast and some take a long time. You have to choose your guru maharaj - based on who inspires you, who you think can guide you on the spiritual path, whose teachings you would like to follow. Each of Srila Prabhupada's disciples have imbibed one or more of his qualitites amongst which maybe one is most manifest. Which of Srila Prabhupada's instructions you think you can do for the rest of your lifetime (eg - book distribution, bhakti vriksha/ congregational development/ organisation skills/ agressive preaching techniques). Accordingly study which guru maharaj has imbibed which quality, physical proximity to you, in terms of every one would like to meet their guru maharaj sometime or the other conveniently and not have to travel halfway across the globe each time and then decide.

    Impossible is a word the lord loves to convert to possible, if you give Him a chance by surrendering to Him.


    Your servant,


  • Have patience

    Initiation is gifted - we do not deserve it

    View this playlist to know about initiation -

  • people usually think that if person is close to altar he is close to god .

    actually , if you have faith in god , you are close to god, even if you are far away.

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