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i have found out a website that provides free video lectures of engineering by copying the original content that was meant for selling. Does watching it involves bad karma??


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Dont fear the lord so much it is not bad karma if it is useful for you because you are not directly involved in stealing right you are copying from a website which is doing it so dont be afraid krishna doesnt look into such pety issues if you would have directly stole or copied the lectures it would be bad karma but it is done by the website you are just helping yourself

You see, if you copy one author, it is called copying or plagiarism. If you copy multiple authors, its called research.

Your choice. Copy one and become a thief or copy many and you may win the Nobel prize. Ha ha.

On serious note...No do not be a part of stealing. Directly or indirectly. Prabhupada would never approve of that.

i will not say yes or no , but read this verse from bhagvad gita : 

Bg 18.48 

Every endeavor is covered by some fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work born of his nature, O son of Kuntī, even if such work is full of fault.

Read also purport :

Hare Krishna

To use or copy software which is copyrighted and sold, is 100% theft. Unless it is paid for.

The law of Karma is infallible. There is no escape. Stealing something from someone today (like software) will result in some punishment in equal proportion in the future which could be this life or the next.

Whether we steal from people or government or companies, it's all stealing.

Even if we use it for Krishna's service, it's still stolen property. It's like stealing a house and using it to chant. This does not free us from the karma of theft. It's still theft.

Kamlesh Patel

Copy reading to educate one's self is not wrong, copying for resailing is wrong. The fact is every drop of "the milk we drink is stolen" from some calf, normally they would drink for (8) month's but man lets them suckle for (3) months. We still away 5 months. We are certainly intraped in this invensabal gilded cage. Karmicly-Inescapable. Save & except for Krishna's personal reprieve. Hence karma is accually redundant. In fact a "trustee is still a prisoner. I'd educate myself 1st. & take-up the karma with God/Vishnu/Krishna. What ever karma comes can't be as intense as going into Thousends of $s w/interests. For the rest of your life!?


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