• Harekrishna Mataji and Prabhuji,
    Thank you very much for your advice. Hope will able to concentrate and focus on both spiritual as well as my responsibility towards family .Pls pray for me!!
  • things are cyclical, human personality as well, circadian rhythms of sleep and eating and resting and sexual activity are also hormonal rhythms and are influenced by light, temperature, stress levels, etc..

    if u can't do japa do something else; i see a child in ur picture; u have responsibility if thats ur child; u should attend to that first, then focus on other things; after all u put urself in that situation lol

    if u do what u have to do (duty) with love, theres no fault in ur action or substitution; but i would suggest to look deep inside if actions or duty have not become an excuse to allow lack of discipline. 

    if thats ur goal to do 16 japa, u have to review ur priorities; i don't think its impossible, u might have to sleep less...

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    It is my sincere request prabhuji, please chant 16 rounds everyday, somehow or the other. Even if it is without concentration or your thoughts are filled with your financial issues, still chant. Even if you want to pray for Laxmi, pray to Lakshmipati, He can solve all your problems.

    Yes money is important to lead a spiritual life. We cannot use spirituality as a reason for neglecting our duties. You must be having a family and there must be financial responsibility on you. By all means, you have to fulfill that responsibility. It has been seen that children of devotees become less respectful of their parents - thinking that the parents never took care of them or their needs, they were too busy pursuing their passion (devotional service).

    On a different note, if you want to do more and more devotional service, you need money to do the service as well as to run the kitchen at home. If there are financial problems, then there will also be lack of peace in the house, then how will you be able to concentrate on devotional activities.

    The thing is  - even in problems, devotees turn to God only. They do not go anywhere else for succour. Your problems should make you chant more, not make you give up chanting completely.

    Pls get up early in the morning to chant, complete by 7.00 or 8.00 am. Nobody earns at that time.

    Best of luck prabhuji,


    Your servant,



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