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      I am totally agree with you ... Parmpara is good but we should not ignore pure devotees like Surdas , Tuslidas , Their bhjans gives us quick association with Krsna  Hari bol 

  • This concepts Prabhu, Cannot be established with our mundane mind and intelligence. For this we need to enter devotional service of True Chanting in the Pure state. In this condition the truth will be automatically revealed to us. This is really not a subject for mundane discussion though there is some merit to hear the pastimes of devotees but to enter the mood of the devotees, our chanting has to be pure then we can understanding something of that


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    I read one biography on Meerabai recently which also spoke of her previous life in Vrindavan. When Meerabai reaches Vrindavan, the lord reveals to her who she was during the Vrindavan leela. She was a brijwasi named Madhavi married to a gopa named Sundar, who was a friend of the lord. Her mother was very bothered about all the gopis falling in love with Krsna and had forbidden Madhavi from even hearing, seeing or thinking of KRsna. Madhavi followed that diligently till the Govardhan pastime, when the entire village was under the hill held by KRsna. Once Madhavi sees the form of the lord holding the Govardhana hill, she becomes completely converted, but by then the lord decides to ignore her. She gets a benediction that as Madhavi, she will not attain the lord or be a part of His pastimes, but she will be reborn in Kaliyuga and then become accepted by the lord.

    She is reborn as Meerabai and from childhood, is attracted to Krsna and significantly, calls Him Giridhar Gopal.

    It is also mentioned in the previous life leela that when the queens of Dwarka meet the gopis in Kurukshetra and discuss Krsna, Rukmini becomes very very impressed by Radhika and Radhika has visited Dwarka, the palace of Queen Rukmini at her invitation. At that time, Madhavi also goes with her and becomes impressed by the opulence of the palaces and wants to enjoy being the wife of the lord. Therefore, she considers Krsna to be her husband as Meera and therefore, the lord directs her to go to Dwarka from Vrindavan, as Meera, because she is in the bhava of a wife.

    THe lord says taht the desire of being wife and to enjoy the opulences of Dwarka will be fulfilled by the lord and then she can rejoin Radharani and serve her in Vrindavan eternally.

    Unfortunatley, I dont knwo the name of the author of the book I read.


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    • Dear Rashmi Mataji ,

      dandavat pranam .

      It is indeed a great discussion. Mirabai's devotion and her love for Krishna in bhava of a wife is unquestionable.

      But I have heard in many places that Srimati Radharani never went to Dwaraka after meeting with Rukmini devi in Kurukshetra . I also don't remember reading anything like this. Can you please  shed more light on this and any  reference from any puranas , goswami books etc where it is mentioned that Srimati Radharani went to Dwaraka ? There might be instances referred in puranas not known to me.

      Another question did the author mentioned what is the source of information in her book and the level of authenticity  ? 

      Please note I have utmost respect for Mirabai and she is one of my prime motivator . So  my query is only out of curiosity. Please don't take it otherwise.

      Hare Krishna

    • This is the book you are talking about. I have read it a number of times and will continue to do so till my eyes can read.

      Book: Meera Charit

      Author: Kuwari Ranawat

      Language: Hindi

      Price: 125 Rs

      Publisher: Mrityunjaya Singh Sisodiya

      Description: This book is a biography of Meerabai and the author herself is a daughter in law in Meera's lineage. She is related to both Meera's family and Bhojraj's (Meera's husband) family. In this book very intimate leelas of Meera is described of which people are not  aware nor there is any possibility of getting that intimate information elsewhere. 


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