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Is marriage important?

Hare Krishna!
Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad-gita 'Prescribed duties should never be renounced. If one gives up his prescribed duties because of illusion, such renunciation is said to be in the mode of ignorance. Anyone who gives up prescribed duties as troublesome or out of fear of bodily discomfort is said to have renounced in the mode of passion. Such action never leads to the elevation of renunciation.' My doubt is 'is marriage important in todays life where there is a need of a compatible partner who can adjust in all situations? As there are 4 stages in a human life, one of them being "grihasta ashram". It is also one of the prescribed duty of a human being according to the Vedas. So is it compulsary to enter into a married life?

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  • Very well narrated
  • there was a reason why Sitaji had to prove herself and the reason was that she being daughter of earth...she had to go back we may term it to be any thing else. But some times i really wonder...the kind of patience she has...nonetheless consider Godess Earth...the kind of patience she has...we constantly use it..walk on, do what all things but she is instead of getting into discussions like "Today's women getting into lot of things (so called adultery) to be independent"..lets appreciate the beauty of woman..the way she is patient, calm, thoughtful,loving (be it mother, sister, wife, friend, selfless....

    I also know and agree that some women get into some karmas which may not be acceptable to the society but end of the day "its her karmas" and may be she is not learned (spiritually) to understand her acts and its impact on the society. Courtesy demands that we dont discuss such things here and genuinely help them understand the pros and cons...

    Well my views are not to hurt / to be offensive against any one....

    Please correct me if i m wrong

    All glories to Lord Vishnu

    • Hare Krhsna radha rani ji
      Here is the discussion is on is marriage is important. your views i have read. i agree with you. This is PURUSH PARDHAN SAMAZ. But We must give the respect to ladies. Now this is important that marriage gives a protection to ladies. it is also important to develop of society for the men. It gives to men and women peace protection growth and happiness in the life of both. Marriage also give a social respect to the couple.
      All glories of shri shri radhe shyam sunder ji
  • Yes, it is important to some, but not all.
    Those who FEEL they need to get married, they should get married, and those who FEEL they don't need to get married, they should not.
    That INNER FEELING or INNER VOICE is actually Paramatma who is telling you what is the best for you.
  • hare krsna matji..
    im posting here watever srila prabhupad has insisted abt these four varnashramam.
    SB :8.2.30
    Our Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement has actually declared war against the illusory energy, in which all the living entities are rotting in a false understanding of civilization. The soldiers in this Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement must always possess physical strength, enthusiasm and sensual power. To keep themselves fit, they must therefore place themselves in a normal condition of life. What constitutes a normal condition will not be the same for everyone, and therefore there are divisions of varṇāśrama—brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya, śūdra, brahmacarya, gṛhastha, vānaprastha and sannyāsa. Especially in this age, Kali-yuga, it is advised that no one take sannyāsa.

    aśvamedhaṁ gavālambhaṁ
    sannyāsaṁ pala-paitṛkam
    devareṇa sutotpattiṁ
    kalau pañca vivarjayet

    [Cc. Ādi 17.164]

    (Brahma-vaivarta Purāṇa)

    From this we can understand that in this age the sannyāsa-āśrama is forbidden because people are not strong. Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu showed us an example in taking sannyāsa at the age of twenty-four years, but even Sārvabhauma Bhaṭṭācārya advised Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu to be extremely careful because He had taken sannyāsa at an early age. For preaching we give young boys sannyāsa, but actually it is being experienced that they are not fit for sannyāsa. There is no harm, however, if one thinks that he is unfit for sannyāsa; if he is very much agitated sexually, he should go to the āśrama where sex is allowed, namely the gṛhastha-āśrama. That one has been found to be very weak in one place does not mean that he should stop fighting the crocodile of māyā. One should take shelter of the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa, as we shall see Gajendra do, and at the same time one can be a gṛhastha if he is satisfied with sexual indulgence. There is no need to give up the fight. Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu therefore recommended, sthāne sthitāḥ śruti-gatāṁ tanu-vān-manobhiḥ. One may stay in whichever āśrama is suitable for him; it is not essential that one take sannyāsa. If one is sexually agitated, he can enter the gṛhastha-āśrama. But one must continue fighting. For one who is not in a transcendental position, to take sannyāsa artificially is not a very great credit. If sannyāsa is not suitable, one may enter the gṛhastha-āśrama and fight māyā with great strength. But one should not give up the fighting and go away.

    thank you matji:)
    yours servant:)
    • Eye opener
      • Srila Prabhupad is our eye opener:)
    • Hare Krishna Mataji ! I have been following this discussion. Your reply is most satisfactory of all so far.
      Thankyou for a proper and pin-pointed reply.
  • its not compulsory to enter a married life.If one thinks he can't live as a brahmachari or brahmacharini then he should marry to fulfill the purpose of this life-to go back to Godhead.
  • I find it funny when people make blanket statements on such a topic. Srila Prabhupada said different things regarding Marriage for different people. It really all depends on the person what will be best for their spiritual advancement. For some Marriage may be an obstacle and for others it will help them go closer to Krishna. One should accept what is good for their devotional service and one should reject what is not good for their devotional service. Grehasta Ashram can be protection for women or a man so they can be committed and just settle their mind on one person and fix their self in Krishnas' service together. But in Kali yuga we can see this commitment can be very difficult, because things are so topsy turfy and people are so full of bad qualities. So it may be difficult to stay committed due to so many innumerable reasons. That is the problem with this age. I feel either way it is a risk, so it really depends on your desire and needs. If you choose to be married, just be careful to find the right one, pray and rely on Krishna always for everything and in the end we will be with Him no matter what. Always think of Krishna and Never forget Krishna!
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