Is marriage important?

Hare Krishna!
Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad-gita 'Prescribed duties should never be renounced. If one gives up his prescribed duties because of illusion, such renunciation is said to be in the mode of ignorance. Anyone who gives up prescribed duties as troublesome or out of fear of bodily discomfort is said to have renounced in the mode of passion. Such action never leads to the elevation of renunciation.' My doubt is 'is marriage important in todays life where there is a need of a compatible partner who can adjust in all situations? As there are 4 stages in a human life, one of them being "grihasta ashram". It is also one of the prescribed duty of a human being according to the Vedas. So is it compulsary to enter into a married life?

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    No matter what ashrama the men are in it is crucial that they manage their ojas shakti properly. Public chanting of the Hare Krishna maha mantra is the best way to generate the required spiritual momentum to make that possible.
  • Thank You for the information but what of those who are not interested in marriage and want to be lifelong Brahmachari ???
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    Mainly marriage is there to provide protection for any children produced by the union of the husband and wife. Srila Prabhupada said all the women should get married and all the men should remain celebate. In other words it's the material world, no one gets out of here alive and we have to make the best of a bad bargain. The most important thing of all is for the husband and wife to agree to abide by the requirements of the Vedas in all things. This means that the man must be completely committed to only discharging semen if both husband and wife fully agree they are ready to bring a child into the world. Although Srila Prabhupada encouraged renunciation he also said most of his disciples would enter the grhastha ashrama.
    • Sarvopama, Nice to know tht men are to reamain celebate.. Tht's not always the case.. If men remained celebate and the woman marries to produce children, then it's up to tht couple. Not all children are consieved through marriage. There is adoption..I hve 3 grown children (2) out of wedlock the other while still married.
      But i'm not going to get into a long private story about my personal life. I choose KC for "Me" and only Me.
      I might be new to KC and still learning, i hve gone to an iskcon temple and they know of my situation.i was not turned away nor condemed....
  • Hare Krishna!
    I totally agree with Rishabhadeva dasa that the decision to get married completely depends on each one's strengths and level of detachment from materialistic pleasures.If one is fully merged in Krishna Consciousness ,happiness and bliss is permanently attained.
    • Hare Krishnha Mahesh Kumar Gandhi prabhu..!!!
      dandavat pranam. all glories to Srila Prabhupad and Gurudev.

      Prabhu, can you please give scriptural evidences for "God punishes the Sanyaasis for not performing this activity of reproducing physical bodies" and for "But marriage is compulsory".

      A women should always live under the protection of their parents until she gets married. Once she gets married she will be put under the protection of her husband. A women is never allowed to live independently. Because, if she lives independently she will be exploited by men and it will give rise to varna shankara (unwanted progeny and also she has to face many other wordly problems). In fact a women can enjoy her freedom only under the protection of her parents or under her husband, that is the real freedom for a women.

      Where as a boy is put into Gurukul under the gudance of a Spiritual master where he learns sastras and understand that the real freedom is going back to Krishna, that is Brahmachari ashram. If a man after being as a brahmachari and after learning all scriptures, if he still wants to go and get married, he will be allowed to get married and enter into grihasta asram. But the meaning of grihasta ashram means not for only using their genitals and procreate childeren. It is for helping each other in their lives and progress in self realization. They are supposed to unite only to produce Krishna consciousness children not for sense gratification.

      On the other hand If the same man understands that his real purpose/freedom of life is to go back to Krishna, he can dedicate his life to his spiritual master in the service of Krishna, even that is also allowed. Infact such man is the most fortunate man. Because he has acheived the war against maya and became sucessful in being celebate and was able to dedicate all his body, senses, mind, intelligence in the service of Krishna. Such a person is also addressed as a liberated soul even though he is still on this material planet. One who has dedicated his life to his Spiritual master, he has to live in the ashram. He is not supposed to live on his own way independently even though he is doing some service to Krishna.
      From then onwards with all his heart and soul he has accepted spiritual master as his father and scriptures as his mother. He will dedicate his life in serving his new father and mother. He will never act with his whimsical thoughts. He always follows his spiritual master's instructions no matter what the situation is and directly goes to sanyasi ashram. In such case he need not pass thru grihasta and vanaprasta ashrams.

      In any ashram it is foremost important to have control over once senses and focus on Krsiha's service and follow once spiritual master's instructions get self realized. He should should not indulge in sense gratification. This is all a bonafide and profound process. It is not our own whimisicall thoughts and speculative conclusions.

      Hare Krishna..!!
      • hare krishna prabhuji
        wow ........what a tremendous answer

        but still i want to ask u one thing that if one devotee married with non devotee and she knew that after marriage,her husband will never allowed her to do worship as like she did before marriage ,,,as you know that before marriage she has to follow her parents instructions and after marriage she has to live her life according to husband........................this is a very common problem in devotees,specially for mataji,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so i am asking this on their behalf.................

        vaishnavs servant
        • khushi,
          I do have a name,, i'm not a she... and i did reply to ur post... don't drag my family into
          this when u have no idea how i was raised.... disrespect is a bad thing
          • Lalita Saki Ji,
            My understanding of what Khushii is very general and not personal. It is a big questsion amongst many devotees. Please try not to take things personal if it may relate to your situation. We are just trying to get to the bottom of things in general terms and I do not see anyone pointing the finger at you here. If you feel it pertains to you then that may be called transferencer and not intentional on the part of the person writing. We have to all be careful in our association with each other. If someone is going out of line we should carefully say something but not take it personal. If it is personal then we should consult the devotee and ask them what their intention is to make certain what they mean.
            Thank you.
            Jaya Sri Radhay
        • khushiii, to answer ur reply,,, My marriage tht lasted 25yrs+ was a marriage of convience.
          it's not your bussiness for me to go into full details........ tht's private... one cannot force another into any religion... i was born&raised in the jewish faith... not only tht but my parents(adopted)
          parents; raised me jewish. So it has nothing to do with my parents. With my mother's passing in 1975 when i was 17 yrs old.. my father&i did not hve a good realtionship. again long story.
          The reasons and wherefores aren't important... for me being 52yrs old i'm entitled to do with my life as i please,reguardless if one spouse is non-krishna... i hve followed many paths of spiritual paths over the yrs and all of those times my{ex} was not involved.. The path i choose in mine.
          If i choose the path to krishna so tht's the path. So please don't ditz my parents OK?
          Negitive attitudes is bad karma
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