Is kundalini yoga realization possible in Kaliyuga ?

There are some yogis, they have access to vibrations felt on body locations such as needle pinpricks, yagyas type fire felt in the body, yagyas for self realization, etc.  They call the creator of Universe as Mother Adishakti.

What is meant by primordial and primeval being ?

How to connect with reference to the Yogamaya potency of Krishna given in scriptures ?

There is  also reference to para and apara prakriti.  Where are they explained ?

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Parag prabhu,


    SOmetimes Osho, sometimes Kundalini, sometimes something else....past 10 years you have been doing this only. When will the moment of truth come for you - the moment when you will stop exploring, choose one path of self realization and start walking on that path. Staying on the shores and exploring different paths to self realization will not lead you anywhere.

    Like they say, if you stay on the shores, you can at best get some small shells. To get the pearl inside the oyster, one has to dive deep into the ocean. When will that moment come for you?

    You are asking so many questions, over so many years. When will you read and understand what is written as reply to your questions? You are tormenting yourself. It is not helping your case.

    PLease settle down to one path and STOP comparing paths and trying to find similarities and merging different paths.


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