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Did krsna merry radha rani when he was in this materal world?

hare krsna


i wants to know when krsna was in this material did he merry to radha rani or not?

if he marry her y they do not live together... and if they didnt then why we worship them together ...

if i am doing any offence asking this question then i m so sorry pls

krsna forgive me

sorry to all vaishnavs

vanch kalpatrubhaysca kripasindhubhay eva ca patitanam pavnebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namha


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Pastimes of Radha and Krishna must not be imitated.. So if we believe in rasa lila does not mean we have to do it..

jst wnt to know in krsna consiousness love is allowed or not, we can love some one or not, we have to take as our duty and only love krsna 


it is forbidden to love some ONE!  we are trying to love all the living entities. the problem of material world is that they want to love only one person.

But all Guru Parampara wants us to teach to love all children of Krishna. we will be able to love them if we purify our heart. the only way to purify the dirty heart is to CHANT AND ATTENTIVELY HEAR THE HOLY NAMES! NO OTHER WAY!

 Your servant, in serving to Srila Prabhupada 

hare krsna deepak prabhu ji 


prabhu ji what is paramour love what do you mean to say abt parakiya-rasa lila is this kind of lila is allowed in kaliyug 


SP says in one of his books " Love is the most used word in the material world, at the same time it is the most misunderstood word as well"

People nowadays think lust to be love.

But love means selfless service to the person whom we love.

Nowadays love between a husband and wife has only become lust, then what to speak of keeping paramour love, that would be maha-lust.

It is certainly not allowed in Kaliyuga, where people have so much of exploitative mentality.

Even SP says "We should completely give up sex life, if not possible, be a decent grhastha following all rules and regulations".

Yes there is a pasttime in sri garga samhita and brahma vaivarta puranam where radha and krsna are married in bhandirvana but it is not a real marriage .it was inacted just to increase the was not an official marriage like how krsna was married to queens of dwarka.brahma came as a priest and performed the rituals.we gaudiya vaishnavas believe that radharani is married to avimanya(krsna's shadow) and there is an eternal paramour love between sri radha and bhagvan sri krsna.

hare krsna 




Hare Krishna

Sripad Bhakti Caitanya Goswami Maharaj said once in a lecture that Radha said it is much more exciting for Her and Sri Krishna not to be married. I think Srimati Radhika enjoyed the suspense. So our Supreme Lord understood Her wish and played out her lila. This is very confidential knowledge.

Hare Krishna!!! Once Radharani asked Krishna,'Why did you marry Rukmini when you love Me most?' Krishna replied, 'Radhe, marriage occurs between two separate entities. Are we separate?' This is the thing. Radharani is the energy, cit-shakti of Krishna, and one can't separate the energy from the being to whom or which it belongs. Fire and it's scorching power are not separate. We can't say, This is fire on left and on the right we have it's energy. Thus, by fire we mean its energy. Thus by Krishna we mean, Radharani. They are one. Only for divine sports, they separate themselves but in reality, they are indivisible.


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