hare krsna


i wants to know when krsna was in this material did he merry to radha rani or not?

if he marry her y they do not live together... and if they didnt then why we worship them together ...

if i am doing any offence asking this question then i m so sorry pls

krsna forgive me

sorry to all vaishnavs

vanch kalpatrubhaysca kripasindhubhay eva ca patitanam pavnebhyo vaishnavebhyo namo namha


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    • Deepak Pr, I am sorry if I am going to be harsh to you.

      First of all, we should not speculate even in Bhakti Yoga(Krsna Consciousness).

      Radha Rani is the eternal consort of Krsna, so where is the question of increasing the love for Radharani by Krsna as you mentioned?

      We shud ask this doubt to some authority rather than speculating.

      your servant,



      1st year, Comp. Science

      • Volunteer

        i am speaking what i have heard from senior devotees..i do not speculate.

        http://www.krsnabook.com/ch29.html.. there's a sentence in this page, just find out "all the gopis who wanted to have Krsna as their husband were already married. At the same time, they continued to hope that Krsna would be their husband. Their attitude toward Krsna was that of paramour love. Therefore, the loving affairs of Krsna with the gopis is called parakiya-rasa. A married man or a wife who desires another wife or husband is called parakiya-rasa."

        Other things in the page may not be required for your reading..

        One more thing, do you belong to some ISKCON youth center in BITS?

        Krsna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead
        • Please prabhu ji, don't take my comment as offence on you.

          Yes, I am in contact with VOICE Pune, a youth branch of ISKCON whose president is HG Radheshyam Prabhu(M. Tech, IIT-Bombay)

          It is only due to VOICE, I came in contact with Hare Krsna Movement 2 years back.

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    Hare Krishna Sunchit Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Sri Krishna is He God, and Srimati Radharani is She God. She is not an ordinary woman of any worlds. She is Krishna Himself but in Female form. She is internal energy of Krishna. Because of that They are eternally together and we worship Them always together.

    As a Husband and Wife Lilas They perform in Vaikunthas as Lakshmi Narayana.

    Your servant,

    • hare krsna mata ji PAMHO AGTSP lakshmi ji incarnation is rukmini as i know ur so senior to me you knw better. Sri Krishna & Srimati Radharani love is pure. is Srimati radha rani merry any one else when they were in material world?

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        Hare Krishna dear Devotees please accept my humble obeisances! all glories  to Srila Prabhupada!

        Krishna married not only Srimati Radharani but all other gopis also. It happened when Lord Brahma took away Gopas and Krishna manifested Himself as those same Gopas and calves for one year. That year all Gopis were married to Gopas.

        Srimati Radharani never marries to another man but Krishna. She married to Abhimanyu (if i do not mistake with His name) who is the shade of Krishna. Who is Krishna Himself.

        Your servant,

        • hare krsna mata ji danvat pranam 


          you mean to say krsna expand himself as abhimanyu and merry shri mati radharani.krsna is god and he can do any thing y he leave his lover  in below replys they are telling abt parakiya-rasa what is that kind of lila 

        • Dear All Devotees


          Dandvat Pranams


          Please avoid getting into discusssions about such topics because :-


          We are children of GOD (I.E. BHAGAVAN RADHEYKRISHNA) so as children we do not need to interfere in matters of our parents. This is best understood and left to them. Our position is to consider ourself as a fool (As I do) and just Pray to GOD to give us their Blessings, Shelter and Love

          Rest leave everything to our Super Parent (GOD)


          Trust me this feeling will be beneficial to our spiritual progress


          Your servant




          • Volunteer


            There is nothing wrong in clearing the doubt because if it is not cleared then it may remain and become an obstacle in our spiritual progress.


      • Hare Krsna Sunchit pr,

        Yes, Radha Rani got married to one person. And there are lots of beautiful pastimes when Krsna used to meet Radha Rani in the absence of Her material husband,

        Your das,

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