• Krishna is only involved with the Spiritual Welfare of one who Prays. He decides whether your prayer is for the betterment of your friend etc. He will listen to you but He is not like Lord Shiva who blindly listens to His devotees. Lord Krishna is very analytical and you may sometimes be heartbroken. many a times He does exactly opposite to what you have asked from Him because only He knows whether what you have asked is good for your friend or not. Ideally do not ask anything materialistic to Lord Krishna. Ask only to be blessed with the nectar of the Holy name

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  • hare krsna


    a devotee is well wisher of all livi- entities we all are sufferin- due to for-et fullness of krsna

    hari means one who takes all our miseries u-the pandavas in-uired  how is that the lord was present with them

    they lost all the kin-dom everythin lords sp mercy is there on one who always worsip the lord in all circumstances

    your compassion to your friend is nice you can do the best you can  hare krsna


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    We are suffering from past Karmas.

    However simply by taking the Holy Name of the Lord even Once, We lose all bad Karma.

    Namacharya Haridas Thakore says that even "before we are about the say" the Holy Name of God once, the sins are all gone. Just as the darkness is dispelled even before the Sun rises.

    If you commit sin after taking the Name of the Lord, you are back in the cycle of birth and death.

    One of the matajis was asking why do we need to chant so much?

    Lord Krishna wants us to remember Him all the time. When we japa Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, we are associating with Lord Krishna, because the Holy Names of Krishna is Krishna Himself.

    Hope I answered part of your question.

    Regarding you question on is it ok to ask God for material things?

    Srila Prabhupada gives this example. If a King says to you ask me anything I will grant you. Then you must ask from him half his kingdom. Dont ask for some ashes from his fireplace.

    So also, when we ask from Krishna, we must ask for the highest, "Krishna Prema"

    We must not ask for material things, which is akin to ashes in the fireplace, because the material things are temporary.

    Please let me know if I understood your questions properly.

    There is no better way to achieve Krishna Prema than to perform Sankirtana.

    Caitanya Mahaprabhu, instructs us to perform Sankirtana (1st Instruction) in order to achieve Krishna Prema .

    Please perform Sankirtana before Maya takes over.

    and continue to perform Sankirtana everyday. You have my blessings and blessing of many devotees here who perform Sankirtana everyday.

    Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam


    • Hare krishna prabhuji... accept my humble obeisances....

      thank you for answer it is some wt help to my ques....


      My question is ........... for example my friend has no money to do some work(good cause),and he is not a devotee [to give him i dont have and i dont need money also thats different matter] . So if i pary krishna arrange money to my friend is it works?is it accepted?


      For example one of my friend is suffering from serious disease.(upcourse those are all his past karmas) if i pray krishna for his health is it ok? will it works?


      please answer..............


      your servent


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        Hare Krishna Nagender Prabhu,

        You asked,"My question is ........... for example my friend has no money to do some work(good cause),and he is not a devotee [to give him i dont have and i dont need money also thats different matter] . So if i pary krishna arrange money to my friend is it works?is it accepted?"

        I have actually answered this question. Please read my reply again and try to understand this.

        Your friend doesn't have any money because he has not given to others in previous life. Just like the friend of Krishna (Kuchela?) who was very poor because in his previous life he did not give to others.

        His wife tells him, "In your childhood, you went to school with Krishna, who is now a king, why dont you go ask him for help" You can read this Passtime of Lord Krishna in Krsna Book. Bhakti Vedanta Swami explains why this brahmana was poor.

        If you are a well wisher of this friend, you will ask Krishna to give him the highest gift Lord Krishna can give him. That is Krishna Prema. If you pray to Krishna to give your friend some money, that will be similar to asking a king, oh king, just give me some ashes from your fireplace.

        Is it accepted to pray for your friend for money?

        Lord will give according to one's needs. Lord provides a ton of grass to an elephant and a tiny grain to and ant, according to their needs. Your friend is provided according to his needs also. I can assure you, that your friend is not starving to death.

        If you pray to the Lord for money for your friend, it will show lesser intelligence on your part, because, you must only ask for the most valuable thing Krishna can give your friend, instead if only ask for some nonsense, then you are not being an intelligent friend.

        Will it work?

        Lets go back to the story of the King



      • Hare Krishna,dear Nagender Rao.

        Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories To Guru-maharaja.

        Very nice that you want to help your friend. But my dear friend, still you are the greatest enemy of your friend.  You know why? It is  very good that you ask Krishna for help. Your friend or anybody gets sick because of his karma. And by his karma he gets better or even more sick or he can also die. You know what you are doing now? Is like your friend don't have money, you also don't have money to help him. So, now you are going to a bankowner to lend some money for your friend. You don't have anything to backup this money , so how will the bankowner borrow you the money for your friend? How will you help a needy person if you are also in need?

        So, the same way if you help your friend to save his material body , in fact you are doing nothing for him. Because we are not this material body. We are a spiritual soul. So, in fact you will make him better when you start to chant the Mahamantra for him.

        HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Then you will be able to make him better. With this chanting you and your friend will please Krishna. End result is possible that your friends can become also better.

        So, at this moment your friend should see problem how the sriptures are saying. Because of his bad karma he is sick. He should thank Krishna that his sicknes is not that heavy how it should be. It is his fault that he is now paying for his bad deeds. The best thing is to make him chant the Mahamantra.

        Please can you do that? By doing this for your friend , you are his real friend, because you will make his spiritual soul better.

        I am begging you to do that for your dear friend.

        If there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to ask.

        Radha Radha.

        Your most fallen servant.

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