Is it important to remain in one temple?

Hare Krishna PAMHO,

By Krishna's mercy, Our entire family is initiated, and currently, We are staying in a rented apartment in a big city.
My mother is terminally ill. For her safety and the safety of the people in the apartment building, I have requested (for at least the last two years) that my father lives in a cheaper city where we can afford land near the temple. But, in his 70s, my father is adamant about staying near one specific temple that we are staying, where property prices in the city are very high.

On the other hand, my wife cannot stay with my parents in a congested apartment. So I told my father, I will stay with you, and my wife will be with her parents(initiated) with our child.

We are not poor; we can afford land within half an hour's distance from the current temple. I have also told our father that I am ready to work much more if he wants, but please decide on any city or place with our own house we can afford, that will solve each problem.

Ultimately all things depend on Krishna.
But I feel we are not doing our duties.

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