Is it good to watch krishna tv serials

Hare krishna.We find that todays world is full of media there are many serials about krishna ..infact i know krishna only because of krishna can we watch serial..if by watching such stuff.if it increse our rememberence of krishna then what is fault

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  • Pranams. Sri Krishna serial of ramananda sagar are excellent and promote excellent remembrance of Krishna. I know some senior devotees who are big fan of them..Anything which promotes remembrance of Krishna is good...I watch them without any guilt and can remember the Lord more.

    • Hare krishna!! I have completely watched all episodes of KRISHA. Nice serial Which was also made by an Krishna devotee.

      • jaya

  • it is said that stories told by non-devotees should be avoided. at same time, rupa goswami says "somehow or other, fix your mind on Krishna" so if tv serial is helping , then it's fine to some extent


    we must be careful & not take tv as guru. for real thing only shastra.  in my opinion, it's better to watch old serials (90's and 80's) if you want to watch. Reading Krishna book is also very good option

    Hare Krishna 

    • Hare krishna!!! I also appreciate that about watching old serials.

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