Is it fine to eat food offered to the dead?

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I am a KC person for a few year. However, my family and relatives aren't KC.

Today, on makar sankranti, it is usual for my grandparents to do a small prayer for my late grandparents and our ancestors.

My grandmother offers food to them and then, both my grandparents will eat the offered food.

Is it fine to eat the food offered to the dead? Is this practice contradicting any vedic instructions?

I am asking this because I remember my KC relatives saying that food offered to the dead mustn't be eaten by us. 

Please forgive me if I am asking something that is not right. 


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    According to Vaishnava etiquette we should not eat even Prasadam after we offer that to dead people. Only exception is if that person is a saint. As like we offer Prasadam to Srila Prabhupada.

    Or else that food should be given to animals but not wasted.

    Your servant, 

    • Thanks, mataji. I will try to tell them this. I hope they get convinced because they have been practising this 'wrong' tradition for a very long time. The worst thing is they call it Prasadam. 

  • Can you try to convince them to offer food to Lord Krishna and then offer the food to ancestors ?
    This will have amazing results.
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