Is it dangerious to Spiritual life to Pray to Sri Rama?





Hare Krishna


I have been meditating and chanting alot, but mainly thinking of the past times of Sri Rama and Sri Lakshmana. Is this dangerious? I know that this possibly leads to Ayodhya Dham.

But I also know Sri Rama is Sri Krishna. Please instruct me.


Your Servant,

Bhakta David

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  • Dear Bhakta David


    Please forgive me but this is a very absurd question




    But how can you ask such a question that too with your own stated information that you mainly think of Lord Shri Rama's pastimes. Having said so you are doing absolutely OK by concetrating on the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Shri Rama


    Lord Shri Krshna = Lord Shri Rama = Lord Shri Krishna = Lord Shri Rama..........


    Please dont have any doubts over this again


    your servant




    • Yes this is a question for a mature devotee,possibly a siksa instructing spiritual master whom daily trains us.Within the Chaitanya Saraswati siksa-bhagavata parampara ,or brahma madva sampradaya...iskcon ,we have mature devotees conversant with our personal spiritual qualifications.Worship of Sri Ramachandra is not really suggested or encouraged within the kali yuga,because he was present some 800,000 years ago.HENCE YOU REQUIRE SOME SPIRITUAL QUALIFICATION AND ASSET REALISTICALLY ......which kali yuga inhabitants usually do not possess!Indeed it is only by the mercy of chaitanya mahaprabhu and nityananda ram that we register as devotees at all......!Strictly we worship laxsmi narayanna ,when we do diety worship as brahmanas,not krishna,because krishna is not really interested in our rather inept attempts to serve him.He is very hard to attract.....Hence from a parampara position ,according to our line we serve krishna through our guru,whom is a servant of radharani.Through chaitanya mahaprabhu and nityananda we get there causeless mercy ,which might envoke krishnas attention.Saraswati takura contends that we can serve krishna only once we have acquired spiritual qualification,technically this is referred to as RAGANUGA BHAKTI.SO YES RAMA CHANDRA AND KRISHNA ARE THE SAME......but we are fallen,we are usually from unqualified backgrounds,we posess no spiritual assets,which is a huge disadvantage when contemplating serving krishna and rama!Can we serve krishna directly...?The answer given by Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati takura ,when asked wether we can directly serve krishna or rama ,without going through the disciplic succession ( parampara) or senior devotee was .....this is not the correct understanding,to think you can approach krishna directly like mirabhai is incorrect..... it is sahajiyaism,imitation devotional service!like the ritvik-vada team......jumping ,imagining they are serving,one must have a genuine connection through a authentic parampara line!



        You mean to say that Lord Rama is not worshipable , I'm amazed at your logic


        Your statements have disturbed me , Lord RAMA not worthy of worship , how more absurd can one be





        • of course you can worship lord rama vinay ,yes we can all worship krishna and rama....however without ascertaining and following the path of the acharyas  your devotion remains on a fundamental level......but once an individual wants to develop his love for rama chandra there is a sanctioned path and process to follow,Then we should approach a guru coming ideally in that line of worship!....."One should not proudly think that one can understand the transcendental loving service of the Lord simply by reading books... One must accept a Vaisnava guru (adau gurv-asrayam), and then by questions and answers one should gradually learn what pure devotional service to Krsna is. That is called the parampara system." (Cc. Antya-lila 7.53, purp.)  — AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada    ...There is nothing wrong with worshiping lord rama,however the reality is that presently it is the kali yuga!His flavour of worship and the yagna prescribed to worship him we cannot do in the kali yuga!Hence because in his time ,some 800.000 years ago we need substantial wealth,we need to live for hundreds of years,we need to perform the sacrifices in holy places ,by priests whom are able to chant the vedic sacrifices without fault,simply brahmanas in the kali yuga cannot do this presently!.....WE ARE TOO FALLEN!

          • Volunteer

            Also to worship Lord Rama and to Krishna at the same time is something contradictory. Because They have different mood. 

            In his Nectar of Devotion Srila Rupa Goswami explains all rasas. And there are some rasas that we can not mix with. To Lord Rama one can worship in the mood of a servant. But with Krishna we may have other relationships like:





            and servitude rasas.

            In this as Yuga Avatar Prabhu nicely told we have to approach a bona fide Spiritual Master then follow his instructions.

            Your servant,  

            • HARE KRISHNA


              I agree with both of you Prabhuji & Mataji that one should approach a Guru(Bonafide Spiritual Master) and follow his advice. That's the best way. But Lord Rama not worshiapble disturbed me. He is Supreme Personality of GodHead.....Period


              Maybe its me - but I love both Lord Rama & Lord Krishna equally & request you Great Devotees to pray for me that I culd get to serve the Lotus feet of Guru Maharaj , all Devotees & finally Both the Swarupas of my Beloved Bhagavan Lord Rama & Lord Krishna....HARI BOL


              My sincere apologies to all for having said/mention anything in a wave of anger/anxiety. Forgive me as your younger brother or a Neophyte Sadhak (If I can even call myself one)


              DANDVAT PRANAMS


              Your servant


              • Actually when reading the ramayana,as a young devotee....laksman once turned to Rama and time we appear ,i want to come down as the older brother rather than the younger brother,because always i have to follow your lead rama.......So in there next incarnation,5000 years ago,  he appeared as Balarama ,And when gambling he was cheated,he simply pulled out his club and smashed the asuric person .......That was dwarka lila,However now it is kali yuga!.

                Jagai and Madhai of Nabadwip were the most abandoned of sinners and the worst of criminals ever known to history. They were brothers. They were the Kotwals of Nabadwip. They plundered the rich, outraged the modesty of women and committed murders on the slightest provocation. There was no heinous crime on earth which those brothers had not committed. Though Brahmins by caste, they were inveterate drunkards.

                Chaitanya and Nitai undertook the serious task of reclaiming the two brothers. Chaitanya proposed to his devotees that they should go to the tent of Jagai and Madhai, doing Kirtan all the way, and then give Hari Nam to them.

                Chaitanya and his devotees appeared in the streets and started the Sankirtan. Nitai was at the head of the party. He led the party to the camp of Jagai and Madhai. He then came face to face with the two brothers. Nitai said, "Pray, dear brothers, take Krishna's name and serve Krishna, for He is the Supreme Lord". This exhortation inflamed Madhai, the stronger of the two. Madhai pelted Nitai with the broken neck of an earthen jar and inflicted a gaping wound in his forehead. Blood gushed from the wound. Nitai pressed the wound with both hands to stop the gush. Madhai picked another piece of the same jar and wanted to throw it on the head of Nitai. Jagai caught hold of Madhai's arms and remonstrated with him: "Hold Madhai. You are very cruel. What is the merit of killing a Sannyasin? It will do you no good".

                News was conveyed to Gauranga, who was behind in the Kirtan party, that Jagai and Madhai were killing Nitai. Actually gauranga brought forth his kill these nityananda,remonstrated gaurange dear brother put your weapon away it is the kali yuga!....otherwise we will have to kill everyone......everyone is sudra or less!......

                Gauranga immediately ran to the spot where Nitai stood wounded. He took his own cloth and wrapped it round the forehead of Nitai to stop the bleeding. He then embraced Jagai for the good he had rendered to Nitai by checking Madhai from attacking Nitai again. Jagai fell down in a state of trance. Madhai was in a state of despair. He lost all power of speech. He prostrated at the feet of Gauranga: "O Lord, I am a great sinner. Have mercy on me". Gauranga asked Madhai to go to Nitai and seek his pardon. Madhai apologized to Nitai. Nitai pardoned Madhai and embraced him. Madhai also, like his brother, fell down in a state of trance.

                Afterwards those brothers became holy saints, and as beloved of the world as they were hated and dreaded in their earlier days for their brutality. They atoned for their past misdeeds by going over on their knees in utter humility before everybody who went to the river for bathing and by doing for them all sorts of menial services. They prepared, spade in hand, a bathing Ghat which is still known by the name of "Madhai's Ghat" at Nabadwip....So when we are neophytes we will see things with some difference,Rama is uniquely different from Krishna,i also would rather kill the demoniac than preach to them vinay,but it is not spiritually acceptable in this age!Hari nama hari nam ,hari nama eva kevalam,kalau nast eva nasteva gatir anjatah!......hare krishna maha mantra is the only medicine for our advancement ,....


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